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Here’s Why You Should Really Brush Your Teeth In The Morning And Night

Do you brush your teeth every day?

I am sure most of you would be nodding ‘YES’. But the next question is going to be a little tough. Do you brush twice a day? Once in the morning and once in the night?

Now, the answer would most likely be ‘NO”. Because really, who brushes twice a day? I mean don’t you have anything else to do? Like eating chocolate or sipping cocoa while you are buried under your blanket. But you really should.

Why is it important to brush in the morning?

Most of you know that the first thing you should do in the morning is to brush your teeth. It is to remove the bacteria and germs that builds inside your mouth overnight. And yes, most of you do that religiously because, well, you need to brush at least once.

But when it comes to the nightly ritual, all of you skip it. Here’s why you shouldn’t.

1. Bacteria feasts on the leftovers

brush your teeth

Leftover from your last meal will be still stuck inside your mouth, that’ll be the food for a whole day for the bacterias inside your mouth. Growing bacteria can cause cavity inside your teeth, and if you are the one who goes to bed without brushing their teeth, I think it’s the time to pick some good habits.

2. Your teeth enamel decays

Brush your teeth

The food that gets stuck inside your teeth rots overnight that can reduce the enamel inside your mouth. It is wise to go to bed with a clean mouth. Otherwise, you might have to add dentists appointment in your schedule.

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3. Plaque starts to calcify

brush your teeth

The portion of things you eat in a day stays stuck inside your teeth and mouth in a solid or emulsified form that causes plaque. When you don’t brush your teeth at night you ignore the fact that there is plaque resting inside your mouth, it can start to calcify overnight and it can cause the decaying in teeth.

4. Colonization of acid producing bacteria

brush your teeth

Your saliva helps to clear the acid build-up inside the mouth. The secretion of salvia decreases at night and can cause the colonization of bacterias producing acid inside your mouth.  Brushing teeth at night helps to make sure that you don’t wake up with bad breath.

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5. Acid-build up increases

Brush your teeth

Your mouth constantly produces acid, which is neutralised by the saliva inside your mouth. It contains calcium that helps to fight acid inside the mouth. During the night time, the secretion of saliva becomes slow that causes acid accumulation. By brushing your teeth at night you provide your teeth with the fluoride that helps in maintaining the right level of saliva.

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In Conclusion:

Having said that, it still depends on you if you want to follow the same old routine and end up sleeping without brushing. But if you do, it will save you a lot of time and money when it comes to the trips to dentist uncle. Because you can’t fill cavities at home, can you?

On that note, happy brushing. Twice! 

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