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Ok, Now You Can Hire, ‘Buckwheat, The Donkey’ To Crash Your Zoom Meetings With Cuteness

Innovations could take you places and also bring some things to places where they are not needed. Just like in this case.

As video calls become the new normal, a lengthy one can get quite boring, to be honest. Especially when your boss or sensors crack up a joke and you have to laugh because it is a priority.

Source – Gulf News

Well, someone thought why not give people a real reason to laugh out loud. And thus, he came up with a four-legged idea. And his name is Buckwheat.

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Buckwheat, the donkey, has been specially trained to crash your video call meetings. No, this isn’t a joke.

An animal sanctuary in Canada, which has been in dire need of cash due to its closure, has found a solution to advertise its animals and solve the problem of boring Zoom meetings at the same time, reported AFP

The sanctuary is allowing people to hire buckwheat so it can crash their Zoom meetings and surprise anyone they want to.

“Hello. We are crashing your meeting, we are crashing your meeting — this is Buckwheat,” Tim Fros, a volunteer at the sanctuary, said while introducing Buckwheat on a Zoom call.

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“They donate to the sanctuary when they want her to crash a meeting, so it’s mostly a fundraiser so we can feed the cows, especially during COVID.”, Fors told AFP.

Source – Global News

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The volunteer also revealed that a 10-minute appearance by Buckwheat will cost you $55. And the price can go up to $92 for double the time.

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