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This Man Was All Set To Fight Off The Bull But The Unexpected Happened

What do you expect from Bull-fights?

Lots of action, or maybe an adrenaline rush? But what recently happened at one of the bull-fighting events, will either drop your jaws to the floor in pity or make you burst out in laughter.

I know, the reactions are far opposite from one another, but that’s just the reality. Sometimes, we humans, react unexpectedly to situations. ( like the Twitterati is reacting to a video that recently went viral on social media platforms.)

What’s the video about?

Well, the video actually is a painful one, where a bull is seen raging towards the person, who was all set to fight him. Sadly, that did not go as he planned.

The bull literally kicked him in his face before he could even react and try to look for a way out from this nasty situation. And as expected the man was swept off from the ground, literally, in the worst way imaginable.

Watch what happened here:

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Twitterati reaction:

I know, right? It looks really painful. But, on the contrary, the reaction of Twiterratis is going in the exact opposite direction. People are having the laughs of their life by looking at the clip and some have even come up with the most epic of comments. Here are some of the best reactions so far:

Some genuine reactions that people came up with.

Bull crushes man Twitter

Well, this guy isn’t wrong in his thinking.


Bull crushes man Twitter

At least this guy is concerned.

Bull crushes man Twitter

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ViralBake Telegram
And this guy has a point.

Bull crushes man Twitter

So does this guy.

Bull crushes man Twitter

In Conclusion:

Gawd, I feel bad but even I can’t help but laugh at it. I know it must be really -really painful for him, but given the fact that these kind of sports are straight up cruelty against animals, I kind of don’t feel that bad.

I mean, usually, it’s the other way round. The bulls get hurt and are tortured so that they can stay angry while the game proceeds. This time, however, the man was on the receiving end.

Though, I sincerely hope the guy is alright and he has literally not vanished from the face of earth! 

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