9 Reasons Why Bun Hairstyle For Long Hair Is The Perfect Solution To Have Goregous Locks All Day Long!

Do you have long locks that flow down your shoulders?

Do you spend hours every morning to make them look presentable? If yes, today is the day when all your hairstyle problems will come to an end. Bun hairstyle for long hair is the solution to all your styling issues.

You will surely ask, ‘How?’. To answer that, I have 9 reasons that will prove how bun hairstyle for long hair can make your day better. Also, it will make you spend very little time on styling your hair before you step out of the house.

1. You won’t pull your hair while sleeping

bun hairstyle for long hair

You must have accidentally pulled your hair several times while sleeping. Tell me if I am wrong! It happens with everyone. But you can stop it by doing a bun hairstyle for long hair. This will not only keep you away from waking in the middle of the night because of your hair but also keep your strands from breaking off.

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2. Your hair stays sweat free

bun hairstyle for long hair

Most people sweat a lot, especially from their scalp and area around the neck region. If you sleep with a hair bun, you will see that your hair remains comparatively sweat free. This happens because hair doesn’t cover the back and neck region giving air free space to pass through and dry off any sweat during the time you sleep.

3. It doesn’t get frizzy

bun hairstyle for long hair

Another advantage of going with a bun hairstyle for long hair is that your hair will become less frizzy. Tieing hair in a bun keeps the moisture locked in and also prevents it from being twisted and turned every time your turn toss on your bed. As a result, in the morning your hair will be more manageable and less frizzy.

4. You don’t have to shampoo it every day

bun hairstyle for long hair

Ok, nothing could be more relaxing if you don’t have to shampoo every other day and your hair still looks fab. Right? Well, this exactly happens when you do a bun hairstyle for long hair. You can easily skip shampoo because your hair will look presentable as soon as you untie your bun the next morning.

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5. Saves washing and styling time

bun hairstyle for long hair

Most of the times, you won’t even have to sprinkle water on your hair to style them. Bun hairstyle for long hair ensures that you save a lot of time that you had to spend on styling your hair locks. You can just untie the bun, or freshen it up with a spray and you will be good to go.

6. Preserves blow dries and blowouts

bun hairstyle for long hair

The long hours that you had to spend on blow drying and curling your hair can be skipped. You can simply tie your hair in a ponytail because the overnight bun keeps your hair smooth and frizz free allowing you to make any hairstyle easily. Also, you can just carry the messy bun as you step out. It looks cool.

7. Doesn’t get in your partner’s face

bun hairstyle for long hair

Your partner will love you more if you put up a bun hairstyle for long hair. It will save your partner from eating a few strands of your hair overnight as he won’t have anything on his face. Your hair strands will be held by the bun allowing free passage of air to you and your bae while you cuddle. Win-win for both, eh?

8. Bun holder keeps hair loosely bound

bun hairstyle for long hair

Some might tell you that bun hairstyle for long hair isn’t good as it keeps hair tied together and might make it weak. But they are wrong. A hair bun that you tie while going to bed doesn’t require clips and other accessories. A simple elastic band or a cloth rubberband would do as it binds the hair loosely and avoids any breakage.

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9. Protects the curls and is not messy

bun hairstyle for long hair

The best way that you can protect your curls is by tieing a loose hair bun. It not only ensures that your curls remain intact but also stops it from becoming messy. Imagine sleeping with your curls and waking up to a super messed up hair. A hair bun will save any bad hair day to cross your path, for sure.

 In Conclusion:

People might claim that you should let your hair be, but trust me they have no idea about the kind of struggle a girl has to go through in order to manage their long locks. Moreover, it’s not that anyone is forcing you to wear hair bun whenever you step out. It’s just that you should tie a hair bun when you sleep. Try and see for yourself.

I swear, opting bun hairstyle for long hair will save you a lot of hassle and keep it super-manageable!

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