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5 Best Ways To Burn Calories On Your Way To Work

What do you do when your alarm rings in the morning?

You snooze it off and try to steal a few more minutes of that precious sleep because you don’t wanna leave the warmth of your bed, right? And amidst that, doing exercise in this chilly winter morning is just not possible. But what if I tell you, IT IS!

Yes, there are really easy ways to burn off calories on your way to work. And the best part is, you don’t have to sacrifice even a minute of your sleep time. Here are five best ways to burn calories on your way to the office-

1. Walk

burn calories walk

That’s the best you can do actually. Whether you have a car or a bike, use metro or shuttle for travel, try and walk for at least a little while. You could choose a farther parking spot or a distant bus stop so that you have to walk every day to get there.

This will burn off extra calories without an effort because soon it will be a part of your routine.

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2. Use cycle

burn calories cycling

For those of you, who have their offices close by, cycling can be boon. Trust me, if you cycle your way to work, you will not only feel fresh, you will also be doing a pretty decent work out for your body without even knowing. Just peddle your way to work.

People might soon start asking you your fitness secret. You can even use cycle for shopping at your nearby market.


3. In your car

burn calories driving

If you fall in the category of them rich folks, who can’t use anything else, apart from their own car for travel, I have something for you too. You can put on some weights on your arms. Just strap the weights around your arm area and drive like you normally do.

Your muscles will work out while you drive and burn calories on your way. A win-win situation for you.

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4. In the metro

burn calories in metro

Ok, poor folks, I already feel pity for you. You have to travel in crowded metros, but hey, you can work out and get that fit body while doing so. Anyway, what you can do is try to do a set of 5 calf raises. Simply stand on your tippy toes for about two seconds and get back to standing on flat feet.

Do a set of 5.  Take a break and repeat. You’ll gain endurance for a long run with this. (Grab onto something because you surely don’t wanna fall on that uncle behind you.)

5. Stairs for all

burn calories stairs

Whatever mode of transport you use, doesn’t matter. But I bet you have stairs at your office. Use them. Well, if it’s like 15 floors tall or something, you can still use it once while coming down. Basically, use the lift when you are really exhausted.

But for a couple of floors, use stairs. Ditch that lift, for once and starting burning calories. You’ll feel good.

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In Conclusion:

These are the easiest ways for you to take a step towards fitness. And trust me, you can do it. There is no excuse that you can’t wake up early, or you can’t take out time. These exercises are meant to be done on the go.

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So, stop being a lazy lass and go burn calories on your way to work!!

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