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Viral Video: Gurugram Witnessed A Burning Car Instead Of Crackers On Diwali

When the entire nation was busy lighting candles and decorating their homes on Diwali night, a nerve chilling incident was occurring side by side on the roads of Gurugram.

Btw, what would your reaction be if you see a moving burning car? And no, it was not the case where there was a little smoke coming out from the car’s rear end, the car was literally covered in big flames.

Burning car Gurugram flyover

I bet, you would have been as shocked as the people who witnessed the incident first-hand. Because no one was able to believe what they saw.

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What exactly happened?

The night was definitely a lucky one for ‘Rakesh’, as he managed to cheat death. An employee of a manpower firm in Manesar named ‘Rakesh Chandel’ had gone to Sector 25 for the usual Diwali gift-distributing ceremony. But little did he know that he about to get into so much trouble because of his car.

Everything was normal but as soon as he began his journey towards home, he heard some noise coming from car’s engine. Cautiously, he pulled over and checked but couldn’t find anything wrong. All the tires were intact and there was no smoke or any kind of weird smell.

He again retrieved his driving but felt that something was, in fact, wrong with his car. He wasn’t wrong.

Rakesh resumed his drive towards the flyover but within seconds the same sound again started coming from the car. This time he got down and opened the car bonnet. But again, couldn’t detect the problem. He started driving but as soon as the car reached the flyover, he heard a loud sound and noticed flames.

He panicked out but didn’t lose his wit.
Burning car Gurugram flyover
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He tried hard to apply brakes but couldn’t succeed as the brakes had failed. With no other option left, he jumped out of the moving car and saved himself. But the problem didn’t come to an end here. The burning car continued to move forward on the busy flyover and rammed into an auto-rickshaw that was approaching from the wrong side.

Did he receive help?

Rakesh informed the police control room, fire station, and his employer. And soon, a PCR reached the spot but even they couldn’t stop the moving car. Eventually, the burning car itself came to halt as it hit the divider. The Police registered a case under section 174 of the code of criminal procedure (CrPC) at the Sadar police post.

Finally, the whole ruckus came to an end with no casualties.

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In Conclusion:

A big mishappening was averted because of Rakesh’s quick thinking. But the reaction of the on-lookers made him thank god because only he seemed to have helped him. “I was shouting for help but people were busy recording videos, I was about to faint and no one came to help. Nobody even shared drinking water with me,” said Rakesh.

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This incident has clearly portrayed one thing, that with the rise of technology and smartphones, the ‘humanity’ factor is vanishing from the hearts of people. And it’s the biggest shame that people choose to record things instead of helping a life in danger.

What do you think?

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