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Busting Myth: Quit Smoking Can Affect Your Body Weight

Smoking is cool! That’s what you think when you took the first drag. But soon get to know the reality and about the harmful effects of smoking. Now you know it can cancer and many other diseases.

So, if you are a smoker and you are thinking about ways to quit smoking, you are on the right path. Smoking is a bad habit, you must ditch it. But I know (from the experience), it’s not that easy. Completely quit smoking can affect your body weight.

As this new research revealed that a person’s dependency on nicotine defines how much weight he or she is expected to gain after quitting it.

What’s this new research?

Quit smoking

In research at the Kyoto Medical Centre in Japan researchers trying to find the factors that cause weight gain in people who quit smoking. And the end results concluded that the person who consumes more nicotine tends to gain more weight after they quit.

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To conclude this study, they invited 186 volunteers, with an average age of about 60. Each one of them used to smoke more than one pack a day. Through this research, they quit smoking, and the effects were get examined. The three months down results were proving that the people who were more dependent on nicotine, gained 1.3 kg extra than the rest.

That’s why some people who are learning, how to quit smoking, use this healthy weight issue as an excuse to not to quit smoking. They are worried that the decision to quit smoking will make them fat.

But what cause it and how much weight can you actually get?

Quit smoking

There are various factors that can affect your body weight after you quit smoking. Inducing increased appetite, decreased metabolism, decreased physical activity can affect your weight. Not just this but it also increases the lipoprotein lipase activity in your body. For those who don’t know lipoprotein lipase regulates the fat transportation in the body.

And according to the results of this research, on average, a male gained 2.5 Kgs. While a female gained 3.5 Kgs. Quit smoking can make you fat, is just an excuse, people use to continue their bad habits. As one can easily take care of this problem by adding exercise and eating healthy in their lifestyle.

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In Conclusion:

I’m no doctor, don’t consider this article as a physician’s advice. But still, if you are concerned about the weight you can gain after quit smoking. Better do it now, cause the more you get depended that more weight you will get, once you quit smoking.

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