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This Is No Mars But Chilling Pictures Of California Amidst Forest Fires

Wildfires have become a common phenomenon and it feels like the world, slowly and steadily is moving towards something like Hadean eon. Too complicated to understand? Well in simple terms, Hadean is a stage in the evolution of the earth. It was a period, 4 billion years ago, when the earth was burning with lava all stuffed.

Source – Universe Today

After that phase, ice age happened which resulted in the possibility of life on earth to a great extent.

And now, the earth has begun to turn hot again as we try to keep the average world temperature below 1.5 degrees celsius.

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After wildfires in Amazon and Australia, now California is experiencing wild forest fires too. The smoke and ash from the wildfires have now been carried by the winds making San Francisco look like a post-apocalyptic world.

People have been sharing the pictures of the destruction and it is surely scary for the world out there.

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Climate change is a thing and we need to address it with utmost responsibility.

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