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Eat These 5 Calming Foods For Stress But Make Sure You Don’t Consume These 3 Items!

Life is already hard enough, everyone is stressed out about something. Sometimes it’s the workload, sometimes it’s a family drama. No matter who you are, rich or poor, employed or unemployed, stress comes along with this thing that we call life.

Luckily, the food we eat gives us happiness and helps us forget all our stress. But then, there are a lot of people who also stress eat. But one thing is for sure, eating helps with stress only if you know what to eat and what to avoid.

We are not going to talk about stress eating as everyone knows that it can make you obese. But we are going to talk about what calming foods for stress you should eat and what you shouldn’t.

5 calming foods for stress you should eat

1. Vitamin C rich food

calming foods for stress

In several studies, it was concluded that consuming vitamin C rich food is a good way to decrease the secretion of stress hormone in the human body. One of these studies concluded that consuming 3,000 milligrams of vitamin C in a slow-release formula. Other than being one of the best calming foods for stress, it also promotes the immune system.

Another good excuse to eat oranges. But, if you don’t like oranges you can opt for lemon, kiwi or mango.

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2. Go for prebiotic

calming foods for stress

Just like probiotics, prebiotics is also considered to be good for decreasing the secretion of the stress hormone and maintaining cortisol. It keeps your gut bacteria healthy that ultimately results in your happy and stress-free mood and the most used calming foods for stress.

It’s a good thing that garlic, onion, asparagus fall under the category of prebiotic and are easily available.

3. Potassium-rich food

calming foods for stress

Potassium is a very important mineral that our body requires to maintain normal body growth, prevent heart and kidney disorders. It also maintains proper water balance promoting the nervous system. Additionally, it balances out the high level of sodium in a human body, that causes stress.

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Add potassium-rich food like banana or apricot to your daily diet and live stress-free.

4. Magnesium laced foods

calming foods for stress

Food items that are filled with magnesium are also considered good to decrease mental stress. Stress can cause fatigue to your body, but adding nuts like almonds can help provide your body with the required nutrients and helps to decrease the stress level in your body.

Go for figs, avocado, raspberries or salmon as they too fall in the category of calming foods for stress.

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5. Herbal tea

calming foods for stress

According to a report carried out by the University of Maryland Medical center, herbal teas like chamomile can calm your nerves to promote restful sleep. They also mentioned that chamomile can help to reduce anxiety and stress, allowing your brain to work better.

You can even try peppermint, lemon balm or cabbage rose tea in case you want to try different flavors.

3 food that you shouldn’t eat

Now you know what you should eat when you are stressed. But you should equally pay importance to the foods you should absolutely stay away from when you are feeling agitated. Here are three main food items you should refrain from consuming when stressed.

1.Refined sugar

calming foods for stress don'ts

If you are dealing with stress, make sure to cut down on sugar and all sugary foods. Stress can cause your body to release more cortisol, and blood sugar. And if you continue eating food items that have refined sugar in them, it will spike up the blood sugar level in your body.

In response, your body will release more cortisol, that will make you feel more tired and cranky.

2. Salt

calming foods for stress don'ts

Salt is essential for us to survive but it contains sodium. Consuming excessive sodium can cause high blood pressure in your body. Not just this but the excessive amount of sodium in your body also causes water retention.

That will cause you to feel bloated and stressed to an extent.

3. Caffeine

calming foods for stress don'ts

Yes, your morning coffee helps you to get through your day, but make sure not to consume excessive caffeine. If you like to drink it throughout the day, it can cause trouble to your adrenal gland. Consuming excessive coffee first increases your blood pressure and raise your heart rate.

Ultimately, it will make you feel jittery and anxious.

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In Conclusion:

Everyone engages in stress eating after every now and then. It’s a good thing that now you know what you need to eat and what you have to put back to the shelf when dealing with stress.

Live a healthy life and cut off food items that cause stress from your grocery list. Or at least try to limit the quantity of stress causing food.

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