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Can Pakistan Use Nuclear Bombs On India? What Would Happen If They Do?

The tension between Indian and Pakistan is increasing day by day.

Amidst all the politics and terrorist activities, currently, there is a war-like situation in India. Some are anticipating that Pakistan might retaliate with higher forces such as a nuclear attack.

Can Pak use nuclear bombs?

pak use nuclear bombs

A few days back Pakistan Defence Minister Khawaja M Asif was quoted saying,’ The country would not hesitate using nuclear weapons if its security was under threat.’  It all began with Pulwama attacks, that killed over 30 military officials in a blast, planted by the terrorist organization run by Jaesh-e-Mohammad. India retaliated and destroyed their camps in Pakistan.

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One of the planes unfortunately crashed and the wing commander was taken hostage. Though he was released by the Pakistani army, it wasn’t a smooth deal. Since then, the situation has deteriorated and things have worsened between the two rival nations.

According to reports, Pakistan holds nuclear weapons that can very well be used against the superior military of India. It has been estimated that Pakistan has around 120 nuclear warheads, which is 10 more than what India currently holds. The War Association says that Pakistan is busy expanding its nuclear arsenal much faster than any other country right now.

Does Pakistan have the nukes ready?

pak use nuclear bombs

Pakistan army has 4 nuclear reactors at Kusahab. The respective reactors are capable of producing about 50 kg of plutonium every year. That sums up to a total of 10 nuclear bombs. Also, the current stock which is stored in the International Panel on Fissile Materials has an ample amount of HEU (Highly Enriched Uranium).

It clearly means that Pakistan has all the materials it requires to build a mighty nuclear force against India. These reactors can very well supply enough plutonium to initiate a nuclear attack. Though all the materials aren’t in a stage that can be used for an immediate attack, they sure have enough to send multiple nukes to target various points.

If PAK attacks, what would be the strategy?

pak use nuclear bombs

The Pakistani army has a ballistic missile Shaheen III, which is powerful enough to cover the range of the entire nation. It even extends to the Andaman and Nicobar islands. Any basic navigation system can easily guide this missile with a payload of nukes, to deliver an attack.

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But chances are that Pakistan wouldn’t go for a major nuke attack. It would more likely be a small scale nuclear attack which might just be a desperate measure to warn India. Even Pakistan knows what would the repercussions be if they go ahead with a nuclear attack.

However, India doesn’t hold any nuke shield. And in case if PAK attacks, it will definitely become a messy situation. Though, Indian military will definitely strike back with its might if PAK use nuclear bombs.

What would be the after-effects?

pak use nuclear bombs

Our nation holds the power to unleash a full-scale nuclear attack on Pakistan, but it is only in the case if it is initiated by the rival nation. But then, we can’t forget that the terrorist organizations that are flourishing in Pakistan might just manage to detonate a nuclear bomb and cause chaos.

In that case, India will have to conduct an analysis of its chemical signature and trace its origin point. Then, it might not be needed to attack Pakistan at all. Because, the entire world community which would include the US, Russia, China, and all other countries to completely de-nuclearize Pakistan.

In Conclusion:

Pakistan has continuously maintained a rouge approach towards India after the return of wing commander Abhinandan.  Since then, there have been shelling and continuous attacks on the border, with another bombing in Kashmir which injured 30 people.

If this continues, chances are that there really will be war. And we should all be ready as it will be chaotic.

What do you think, will PAK use nuclear bombs?

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