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Decoded: Psychological Truth Behind The Question ‘Can You Trust A Cheater’?

Do you think your partner is cheating?

Ever felt vulnerable because you trusted your partner when you shouldn’t have? Chances are you have. But, some of you still choose to forgive your partner and move on. You still try hard to save your relationship, but can you really trust a cheater?

If you think about it, you will realize that you have invested too much time on that person. You have shared your mind, body, and soul with your partner. From unburdening your secrets and accepting each other’s flaws, you have seen a lot. So, it’s quite natural that you will be devastated, when you find out about the cheating thing.

Most common outcome of cheating

Thousands of relationships end every day because of cheating. In most cases, it leads to immediate break -up and eventually, the person moves on. But what if you belong to that 1 percent of people, who wish to give another chance to their partners.

Now, the question arises if you can ever really trust a cheater? According to psychologists, the answer isn’t a yes or no, as it depends on several factors.

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Why did they cheat?

Can You Trust A Cheater

Before settling down to the answer of whether you should trust them or not, there is a fundamental question that you need to answer first. Find out the reason why your partner cheated in the first place.

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Before you start panicking, understand that it is common for people to cheat due to a mid-life crisis, fleeting moments, infatuation or just a one time mistake. But there might be some psychological issues behind the picture in some cases. Maybe it is just because of some underlying mental problem and uses cheating as a way to boost their confidence.

The reasons behind cheating

Can You Trust A Cheater

Sit down and ask yourself what could be the real reason. Have you been facing compatibility issues? Or is it the sex life? Or is it something in your behavior etc. After you have thought of every possible reason and still find no concrete reason, you can think of other reasons.

According to psychologists, there might be other motivations for cheating at play. It is even suggested that those reasons might be vindictive. It could be due to passive aggression or any purposeful revenge and sabotage. It is quite possible that the partner purposely because they desperately want to end the relationship.

Some reasons might even be pathological. Your partner could be narcissistic or even hold some kind of addiction to physical companionship. He or she could also be sociopathic.

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What to do after you caught them cheating?

Can You Trust A Cheater

Don’t rush into mending the bond. Give your partner some time to process the mistake. After that, sit and talk if you want to give it another chance. Only then proceed to make your relationship better.

But now, you need to keep a check on the way your partner behaves. There are small tell-tale signs that will offer you the hope that your love will survive. If your partner’s behaviors changes and they try to make it up to you with everything, it means your relationship has the chance to sail through these rough seas.

See, if they are ready to take full responsibility and mend things that they broke. Make sure that they break all contacts with the person they cheated with and is honest with you. If you get a bad gut feeling that something is still fishy, confront them.

Only then, move forward. Because it is a waste of time if the cheater hasn’t learned anything from previous mistakes and is still not ready to change. Rigorous honesty is the only oath to regain trust and that requires time. If your partner (cheater) is not ready to be completely honest with you, or not agreeing to give you time, you know what to do.

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In Conclusion:

Try to talk it out and find what is lacking in your relationship. This will ensure that both of you work together to overcome the minor relationships hiccups. Keep in mind that if the cheater isn’t giving you time and honesty while repenting his mistake, don’t trust them again.

However, if you see that they are trying their best to make things right, give them a chance. 

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