#cancelallBlueTicksinIndia Trends On Twitter, Do You Know Why?

Twitter on Wednesday woke up to the call of #cancelallBlueTicksinIndia. The hashtag was trending on Twitter with a number of Tweets flowing in support of it. If you have been on the social media platform today, then you might be confused what it’s all about.

Well, it is a movement against the grant of verified account status on Twitter. A verified account on Twitter is a one that has fulfilled the guidelines of Twitter in that regards like having a profile picture, verified mobile number, a certain number of followers etc. A white colour tick on a blue background is the identification of a verified account.

The Twitteratis are saying that this verified tag creates a divide and promotes inequality by showing certain users of the platform as superior to the others. Generally, people having a celebrity status or popularity and influencer base get a verified account tag on Twitter.

The #cancelallBlueTicksinIndia calls for the removal of all blue ticks that is verified account status in India. Twitteratis are also angered by the fact that many controversial and convicted politicians to get a verified tag which helps them boost their social influence.

Twitter has closed its verified account program for some time. Information on Twitter’s official website says that the verified account program is currently on hold and they are not accepting any new requests at this time.

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What’s your take on the verified status vs the equality debate? Do let us know through your comments.

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