Cancer Vanished From Every Patient After An Experimental Drug Trial

In a drug trial, where a small group with rectum cancer was given an experimental treatment doctors have seen a complete miracle as their cancer just disappeared from the body.

There was a very small clinical trial conducted on 18 patients where they were all injected with a drug called Dostarlimab for approximately six months, at the end, the trial proved to be a vast success and the tumours present inside the body of patients vanished, reported by New York Times.

Cancer Vanished From Every Patient After An Experimental Drug Trial

Cancer Vanished After Dostarlimab Drug Trial

Dostarlimab is a drug which acts as a substitute for antibodies present inside humans, it’s a laboratory-produced molecule. All 18 patients were given this drug for six months and as a result the rectum cancer just vanished from their bodies. The cancer cells were not detectable by any of these tests which include, “physical exam, endoscopy, positron emission tomography or PET scans or MRI scans.”

Dr Luis A. Diaz J. from New York, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre said, this was “the first time this has happened in the history of cancer.”

Oncologist Dr Andrea Cercek, said, “There were a lot of happy tears” the exact time they told the patients that they were cancer-free, as quoted by New York Times.

As per the doctors, “It is noteworthy that they were all in similar stages of their cancer. The cancer was locally advanced in the rectum but had not spread to other organs.”

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“At the time of this report, no patients had received chemoradiotherapy or undergone surgery, and no cases of progression or recurrence had been reported during follow-up,” researchers mentioned in their reports.

The patients took Dostarlimab every three weeks persistently for six months. All the patients were at the same cancer stage, which infected their rectums but had not invaded any other organ. Now the researchers are looking forward to performing a large scale clinical trial after seeing such positive results to witness it works for everyone.

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