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14 Unknown Captain Marvel Facts That May Amaze The Superhero In You!

After releasing the trailer of Captain Marvel, MCU has created a buzz and now the Marvel fans are interested to know more about Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel).

She has been the part of Avengers, X-men and even Guardians of Galaxy. In comic books, Carol is the most traveled character. I bet you didn’t know that.

Below are many other fascinating and unknown facts about this strongest character of MCU.


Captain Marvel Facts

In 1967, we got to see the original hero “Mar-vel” as the part of Marvel Super-Heroes comic series. Other than Mar-vel we were also introduced to Carol as the air force officer. At that time, she was introduced as just a love interest to Mar-vel and she was far from being the superhero.


Captain Marvel is the strongest character in MCU. In a recent interview, Brie Larson confirmed that her character of Captain Marvel is strong enough to move planets.


Captain Marvel Facts

Carol as Captain Marvel can fly 6 times faster than the speed of light. Although, IRCC (it is like the comic-con of Canada) reported that she can fly at a speed of Mach 3. But in one of the comics of Ms. Marvel, fans witnessed this strongest superhero of Marvel flying 500 miles in 5 minutes which is just under Mach 8 (8 times the speed of light).


Captain Marvel Facts

Before becoming a part of Avengers, Captain Marvel was a part of Startforce. Starforce is the elite military force of Kree Empire. Later she left the Starforce when Kree Empire lost against Shi’Ar.


Captain Marvel Facts

In the Solo comic of original hero “Mar-Vel” debuted in 1977, Carol wasn’t working for the Airforce. Instead, at that time she was a Journalist with superpowers.

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Captain Marvel Facts

Back in the 80’s, Ms. Marvel was the big topic of controversy. She was kidnapped, raped and brainwashed by a cosmic villain known as Marcus Immortus. In 1980’s comic Avengers, she finds out that she is seven-months-pregnant. Although she doesn’t remember being pregnant the day before.


Captain Marvel Facts

“Avenging Spiderman” comic was released in 2012 and it was the first comic debuting Carol as Captain Marvel. In this issue, both Carol and Peter shared their secrets.


Captain Marvel Facts

Yes, most of you might not know this, but there is a seventh infinity stone called the “Ego Stone” which contains the power of all former six stones. Although, there are fewer chances of seeing that in the upcoming Captain Mar’vel movie, just for the fact, Captain Marvel is the keeper of the seventh infinity stone in comic books.


Captain Marvel Facts

For though, Carol didn’t get a chance to be the part of Civil War-1 movie, in comics, she was in team Tony. Later in the Civil War -2 she stood against Tony and many even blamed her for the death of Captain America. Both the stories of Civil War portrayed Captain Marvel as a villain.

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Captain Marvel Facts

Captain Marvel got her powers because of the Psyche-Magnetron explosion that left her with the severely damaged brain. Carol becomes Ms. Marvel only when she has a blackout and she didn’t find out about it for a long time.


Captain Marvel Facts

When the Brood abducted Captain Marvel for her half kree DNA and to use her as a lab rat. She was rescued by Logan. Not just that, she had also gained immense power which is compared to a start called Binary.


Captain Marvel Facts

Captain Marvel is extremely powerful but she obtained more cosmic powers when the Brood experimented on her for the Kree DNA. Her powers were equivalent to the start called Binary and that’s how she was also known as Binary.


Captain Marvel Facts

Jessica Jones is a Netflix original series and Carol too had scenes in it. But later her scenes were replaced by the character called Trish.

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Captain Marvel Facts

For those who don’t know, Carol was the first female superhero named Ms. Marvel. Captain Marvel has inspired a lot of people. After the death of Mar’vel when she replaced her name from Ms. Marvel to Captain Marvel, a Pakistani female named Kamala Khan becomes Ms. Marvel in Marvel comics. Kamala Khan was introduced in 2013, Captain Marvel issue 14.

In Conclusion:

After so long, Marvel has come up with a female badass character who holds the power to kick anyone’s ass with her little pinkie finger. Let’s see how Carol Danvers adds the spark to the much talked about Captain Marvel.

After all, she is the first character who has carries the whole ‘Marvel’ brand name on her shoulders while playing ‘Captain Marvel’. Too much pressure, indeed!

I bet you didn’t think of it this way! Gotcha!   


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