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Watch How This Kid Survived Even After Being Ran Over By A Car

There is no denying about the fact that Indian roads are full of ruthless drivers.

But what was recently captured by a CCTV in the Goregaon locality of Mumbai will drop your jaws in disbelief. The CCTV footage shows the heights of careless driving as well as a miraculous escape of a kid from clutches of death. Literally.

What exactly happened?

A little boy was playing football with his friends in the lane next to his house in Goregaon. There were many other kids in the same lane and a few small cars can be seen parked on the side.

kid survived even after car ran over

The kid in the video, supposedly took a break from the game, to tie his shoelace. He sat down on the road next to a car.

Child Getting Miraculously Saved

And that’s when the lady started the car and ran over the kid without even bothering.

Child Getting Miraculously Saved

The kid was hit by the bumper of the car and is seen going under the car while it passes over him.

Child Getting Miraculously Saved

It almost unbelievable that he got up instantly and walked off.

Child Getting Miraculously Saved

He was later identified as Rahesiya Mathur.

The sheer carelessness of the lady driver might have cost the life of a child, but thankfully the kid survived. It really seems tha a guardian angel saved the life of this kid. Because it is unbelievable that the kid, even after being run over by the car, had no major injuries.

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Take a look at the video and see for yourself:

The video has left netizens furious and angry about the whole case and demand punishment for the lady driver.

Who was the driver?

Apparently, the accused woman was identified as ‘Shraddha Chandrakar’ the resident of the same building in which the boy lives. She was arrested by Dindoshi police for rash and careless driving as well as endangering the safety of others. She was later released on bail.

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In Conclusion:

This incident raises a concern about the overall safety of people on roads. Such careless drivers can only add up to the number of accidents that take place on busy streets. It is time that people really start considering driving with concentration and have their eyes on the road all the time.

Because everyone is not as lucky as this child.

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