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Cat Or Crow: Can You Tell Us What It Is?

There are times when the most simple things can create a lot of confusion.

Sometimes it is about a dress if it is black or blue and sometimes it is a simple viral challenge that makes everyone go bonkers. The point is, netizens interest gets piqued by the simplest of things. And I think that’s the fun part.

A simple picture of a pet has left netizens in deep thinking to figure out whether it’s a cat or a crow. The image was shared by a Twitter user named Robert Maguire. At first glance, it appears to be the side profile of a crow on a tiled floor. And to be honest, it’s fine that a person can have a pet crow.

But as soon as you read the caption of the tweet which said, ‘ This picture of a crow is interesting because…it’s actually a cat’, you will get to understand as to why is everyone talking about it.

Now, when you look closer, you will find that it’s actually a black cat and not a crow.

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So far, the tweet has already received 123,000 reactions and more than 42,000 shares by baffled Twitter netizens.

And just so you know, American psychologist Joseph Jastrow research which was based on how quickly one can see the second animal and how fast people could change their perception of the drawing to switch between the two animals stated that the quicker you can do this, the more creative you are. So, how fast can you switch?

And hey, what did you see first? A crow or a cat?
Be honest! 
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