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Cancer Might Be The Cause Of Sore Throat Pain You Have Been Experiencing

Have you been suffering from a throat pain? Do you know the exact cause of sore throat pain that you have?

Most of you might make the mistake of brushing your throat pain, as side effects of cold and cough or swollen tonsils. But according to recent research, cancer can be the cause of sore throat.

Research for the cause of sore throat

cause of sore throat

The research was led by the University of Exeter in the UK. And conducted by Weilin Wu who works at a Cancer Research facility. The outcome of the research was then published in the British Journal of General Practice.

However, according to Welin Wu, there is no need to panic out and associate every sore throat pain with cancer.

Wu said, “A sore throat on its own wasn’t linked to laryngeal cancer “. “But importantly, this study also provides the best evidence to date to support the current recommendation to refer older patients with persistent hoarseness.”

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The cause of sore throat pain

According to the research, if you are experiencing continuous throat pain along with other symptoms like- pain in the ear, difficulty in swallowing or trouble in breathing, then you should be concerned.

This was one of the first researches conducted to cross check all the symptoms related to laryngeal cancer.

What the author of the British Journal has to say about it

cause of sore throat

Dr. Elizabeth Shephard, the lead author for British journal commented on the significance of this study. There is a wide range of symptoms related to various kinds of cancer. Which is why it was elementary to pinpoint the exact symptoms related to a specific kind of cancer.

She was quoted saying, “The significance of the study really is that we’ve found that hoarseness is important for laryngeal cancer, but significantly the risk of having laryngeal cancer greatly increases when it’s combined with a recurrent sore throat”.

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The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)

In addition to previous statements given by doctors and researchers, professors working at NICE also put an emphasis on the significance of the research.

According to Professor Willie Hamilton, “It has shown the potential severity of some symptom combinations previously thought to be low risk.”

What should you do if you have pain in throat?

cause of sore throat

The best way to dodge any possibility of cancer is visiting a doctor at the earliest. If you don’t feel better at all in a couple of days and your sore throat starts causing pain in your ear, you should immediately visit a physician.

Though you might suffer from laryngeal cancer, it is better that you consult a doctor and take prescribed medication.

If the condition of your throat deteriorates, only then you can start considering the possibility that cancer might be the cause of sore throat.

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In Conclusion:

Its better to sure than being concerned about the possibilities. You should never ignore small symptoms like sore throat, earache and other minor symptoms which people often think are harmless.

Next time, if you have a sore throat, you better pay a visit to the clinic.

And pay attention to your body symptoms, as cancer can be the cause of sore throat in many people!

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