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Celebrate Republic Day 2024 With Delicious Tricolor Recipes 

We all are looking forward to January 26th, India’s Republic Day. Everyone understands that this day marks the drafting of the Indian Constitution. Across the nation, people celebrate this day with a great deal of enthusiasm and pride for their country.

Indian culture revolves primarily around food! Why not mix our love of food with our patriotism on the occasion of Republic Day 2024? These tasty and creative tricolor food suggestions are a great way to honour the colours of the flag. Here are some nutritious tricolor or tiranga meal dishes to help you make the most of this special day!

Must-Try Delicious Tricolor Recipes

1. Tricolor Dhokla

Tricolor Dhokla

The Tiranga Dhokla is a fun twist on the classic dhokla, with layers of tricolor that are simple to make without the need for food colouring. You can use besan for the base layer, carrot for the top layer to become a vibrant orange, and spinach for the intermediate layer to give it a lush green colour. Since dhokla is steamed, the colour is likely to stay on. You can add shredded or ground carrot and a spinach filling or chutney mix. 

2. Tricolor Pulao

Tricolor Pulao

Make a winter vegetable pulao with an abundance of carrots, greens, and perhaps a few peaberry flower sprigs for a pop of blue. There are many inventive ways to put together a tricolor pulao; you can combine different kinds of greens, such as peas, beans, and parsley, to bring out the orange colour. A hint of almonds can make the primary colours pop on a white rice surface.

3. Tricolor Parfait

Tricolor Parfait

One of the easiest ways to include tri-colored sweets is through layered desserts. Just make sure the parfait layers are arranged correctly! Yoghurt, mango pulp, and kiwi puree can be combined to produce a tricolor masterpiece. Add pistachios and saffron threads as a garnish, and consider placing a little flag on!

4. Tricolor Khandvi

Tricolor Khandvi

It’s simple to experiment with khandvi which are made using gram flour. They can have a tart orange tempering on top and be filled with a green chutney prepared with mint and cilantro. 

5. Saffron and Pistachio Kheer

Saffron and Pistachio Kheer

Add saffron and pistachios to turn a simple white kheer into a themed mithai! The kheer, which is coloured golden by the infusion of saffron, is garnished with shredded coconut and crushed pistachios, symbolizing the white and green colors of the flag. This yummiest dessert is the ideal way to cap off whatever Republic Day feast you’re throwing.

6. Tricolor Sandwich

Tricolor Sandwich

Blends paneer, spinach, and carrot distributes in layers between bread slices. For this recipe, crustless white bread works best. This is especially true if you’re going to make double or triple-decker sandwiches. If you are using sourdough, you can use chopped cooked eggs for the white colour.

7. Tricolor Fruit Chaat

Tricolor Fruit Chaat

The easiest tricolor dish to prepare is fruit chaat. Combine sliced oranges, kiwis, and white apples; add chaat masala and a squeeze of lemon. This colourful blend of fruits provides a taste explosion; you can add papaya and greens to bring out the best in the oranges and greens.

8. Tricolor Panna Cotta

 Tricolor Panna Cotta

Traditionally, panna cotta is made with thickened cream; however, if you’re creating a layered version, ensure that the cream is not very thick so that the layers can maintain their structure. Layers of matcha-infused panna cotta (green), orange mango puree, and white coconut milk should be combined. This dish requires a lot of setting, so when the layers are assembled, place it in the freezer for at least an hour before serving.

9. Tricolor Dumplings

Tricolor Dumplings

Your favourite dumplings will taste like something from India! Instead of keeping them simple, season them with flavours and wintery ingredients for Republic Day. Just create three distinct flag-themed dough designs, then fill them with your preferred meat- or veggie-based filling.

10. Tricolor Idli

Tricolor Idli

Split the batter for the idli into three equal halves. A part should be reserved for the white idlis. Add the chopped red chillies and a few tomatoes and simmer for just a few minutes. Cool it down, smash it into a smooth paste, and then mix it with half of the batter to make the orange-coloured idlis. Repeat with mint or coriander leaves and green chilli for the green idlis.

11. Tricolor Kebabs

Tricolor Kebabs

This is the most basic tricolor meal ever; it’s for green Tandoori kebabs, white Malai kebabs, and green Hariyali kebabs. You may now either cook them with vegetables or smother them in meaty flavours.

12. Tricolored Pasta

Tricolored Pasta

In a single pot, boil the pasta and make the three sauces: red, white, and green pesto. You will discover your favourite spaghetti sauce in addition to learning how to make a visually appealing Instagram story.

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