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Celebrities Being Rude To Their Fans Or Fans Being Rude To Their Favorites?

Amidst all the uproar of #MeToo movement, a lot of hidden crime stories are getting revealed about celebrities and famous people. In addition to this, a scandalous video or rather a compilation of videos is receiving a lot of backlash from the fans of John Abraham.

In the video, John is pushing his fans angrily, who are there to take selfies with him or just trying to get a glimpse of him. Apparently, he looks extremely annoyed with these fans. And can be seen pushing them for no reason at all.

Watch the video here:

Why is it always the fault of a celebrity?

Well, it’s not for the first time any such video has gone viral where fans are at the receiving end of the outrage displayed by their favorite actor.

But before we create a perception about how awful these stars are? How do they think that they are nothing less than gods? Have you ever wondered there is always two sides of the story?

two faced media
Unfortunately, we believe what media wants us to believe. Sometimes it’s just a half-cooked story to boost TRPs or clicks, and nothing more. But obviously, we are too busy condemning the celebrity for how they behave with their own poor fans.

Have you ever thought why would someone with all eyes on them all the time would throw tantrums like an angry kid?

Why would someone, who everyone looks up to and are crazy about, will go berserk and tarnish their own image?

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Do they behave like this on purpose?

Okay, if I ask you, what will you do if you were in their shoes? You work day and night, creating a perfect piece of art or entertaining your viewers.

And rest of the time when you decide to appear in public, you get shouted at, harassed for autographs or constantly followed by paparazzi for anything scandalous or intimate photos which they twist and turn as per they like and present to people.

actor surrounded with media

And you only see that when they publish it for all to see, without your permission. Because, what the hell, you are a public figure, you have no life of your own and hell, you chose it so you shouldn’t even ask for it.

Also, you can’t even step out in the open with a free will without strangers chasing you and hollering at you.

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Does it sound like an easy deal?

How would you feel then? Won’t you feel like shoving people too who do not have respect for your personal space? Who do not think you are also human who needs to feel like one sometimes. Not always a celebrity, a hyped figure, a role model, a star, a faraway dream?


I bet you get irritated if your kids ask you the same question again and again right after you reach home, dog-tired. Do you not ask them to not bother you for a while, when you want your space, to calm down, to unwind?

Are they from some other planet with superpowers?

Don’t celebs deserve the same personal space? A breather in the midst of all the hullabaloo people create if one of them decides to show up?

And the female celebs, being females, deserve a little more respect don’t you think? There are so many incidents of “fans” trying to sexually harass an actress or get close to them or stalk them. Would you like it if someone did it to you or your wife or sister? Then why do this to them?

Agreed, they are a public figure. Agreed, they get paid to do it. And agreed, they have more responsibilities to be elegant, to be classy, to be a role model most of the time.

But, let’s not forget, they are human too. They have their own families, their own lives to run as well.

The real truth

Although, it is always fascinating to see, to meet your favorite celebrities, to get clicked with them or have a small note from them. To flaunt to your friends and family that you met your favorite actor or actress.

Salman papparazi

However, let’s face it, people, it isn’t that big a deal anymore. They are human beings, just like us, and they have worked really hard to reach those skies we only dream of.

The only thing we can do is be sensible and respect their personal space, as we would do with any other person.

Especially female celebrities. Because, no matter what media portrays, they deserve the same respect you give your female friends, sisters, colleagues, and schoolmates.

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If you want an autograph, a selfie, you need to take permission, like you would if it was any other person. And if you don’t get it, it’s not like the world is going to end then and there. Is it?

How do you feel about the video? Which side are you on?


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