Chacha Chaudhary Was A Thing Then And He Is A Thing Now

Chacha Chaudhary needs no introduction if you are a true millennial. He was our hero, an escape from boring text books at school and what not. He is a comic character that was created by Pran Kumar Sharma and was first published in 1971.

How Chacha Chaudhary Was Born

It was Hindi magazine Lotpot that first brought Chacha Chaudhary in this world. And in no time it became popular among kids and elders. It was genius of Pran to bring such a character and his inspiration came from Chanakya and elders who always give advice.

Chacha Chaudhary is a middle class, extremely smart elder. You must remember this quote from the comics, “Chacha Chaudhary ka dimag computer se bhi tez chalta hai”. This used to come every time after he solved a case.

chacha chaudhary

Timeless Characters

The main character Chacha was not a super hero; he did not have cool powers or big muscles. He was just an ordinary man with an extremely sharp mind. He was always accompanied by his muscular friend Sabu. He had strength of an alien and always wore a brief, ear rings and boots. Each time he would lose his temper a volcano would erupt somewhere in the universe.

chacha chaudhary and sabu

Even the villains in the comics were ordinary people with vice in them. The villains were mostly thieves, goons, bullies, cons and corrupt officials. Chacha would use his impeccable mind to solve cases and punish those who committed crimes. He also taught good values to the ordinary people.

This made the comics so popular as it gave out good lessons and nothing was out of the world in it. Some of the other popular characters from the comics are Bini Chachi (wife of Chacha), Chhajju Chaudhary (brother of Chacha), Rocket (pet dog), Dag Dag (truck), Supandi and Tingu Master.

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How Chacha Chaudhary Is Ruling Now


Chacha was seen in a recent ad released by popular financial platform Cred that is known for making cutting edge campaigns for promotions. The campaign features Chacha with Supandi. Bakarmax, a comic studio has created the campaign. Founder of Bakarmax was also seen on SharkTank recently.



ENO is an antacid brand from pharmaceutical company GSK. The brand used the character to penetrate several markets in the country. The campaign featured Chacha and Sabu engaging in banter over kachoris and samosas. ENO was presented as a quick solution for acidity in the campaign.

Instagram: @eno_india


Nush is a clothing label by Anushka Sharma. The brand used the character for getting attention of millennial audience who don’t need an introduction to the comics. Anushka said, “I want to bring back the cult nostalgia of the ’90s and present it in the most pop-culture way through fashion. I want this collection to relive his genius. After Suppandi, I am very happy to welcome Chacha Chaudhary into the Nush family”.

Instagram: @nushbrand

Chacha Chaudhary was the first comics for many of us and we have read it religiously. It is not surprising to see him part of brand stories till date as nobody wants to punch products in your face now a days. Marketing and advertising has changed a lot and everyone has realized that you will sell something if you will engage the audience. I know this would not be the last of him and I am excited to see what comes next.

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