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Watch This Chaiwala Defy Laws Of Gravity With Each Cup Of Chai He Serves

The love between Indians and Chai is legendary.

Our mornings religiously begin with a holy cuppa Chai and ends with the evening sip of tea. (with pakoras if you are lucky).

But the whole point is that nothing can come in between an Indian and Chai. No matter who is serving the cup of goodness, people always love the actual concoction. But, for a change, what if I tell you that you are about to see a video which will make you fall in love with the Chaiwala and then the actual Chai which is served by him?


Don’t be. Here’s everything you need to know about this new superhero who defies the laws of physics with a simple task of serving chai.

This awesome tea-seller from Kerala has taken the topic of ‘Chai pe charcha’ to a new level of high with his unique serving style. In this 40 second clip, you can see the tea in a glass which has three distinct layers. There is tea, cream, and froth layered in the glass.

But the center of attraction is how the Chaiwala mixes it with surgeon-like precision and mixes the ingredients in the glass without spilling even a drop of liquid from it.

He swiftly moves the glass clockwise and anti-clockwise. And like magic, the tea changes its color and he serves it to the customer. A Twitter user, Megha Mohan shared this amazing clip and it has already crossed 3,00,000 views.

Check out this amazing tea server-

The Twitterati have gone crazy and posting their views for this science-defying stunt.

Here are some epic responses for this amazing Chai stunt-

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