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Chandigarh University Case: Arrested Woman Was Forced To Send Clip

The arrested woman student at Chandigarh University was being allegedly blackmailed by two men into sending videos. As per the sources, “two men accused in the Chandigarh University leaked videos case were allegedly blackmailing the arrested woman student to share videos of other hostellers”, mentioned India Today.

Chandigarh University Arrested Woman Was Forced To Send Clip

Chandigarh University Case, Woman Was Being Blackmailed

The two accused, Sunny Mehta and his friend Rankaj Verma, were allegedly blackmailing the woman student to record and share private videos of inmates in the common washroom. They threatened to viral her private video if she didn’t obey them.

Currently, Punjab Police have arrested three individuals, which include a woman (student), a 23-year-old man, and his 31-year-old friend. According to the rumours, the 23-year-old is her boyfriend from Himachal Pradesh.

A clip is also surfacing the internet in which it can be that the accused woman student is being questioned by six other students after being caught by her red-handed.

These women were asking the accused why she did it, and the accused can be seen in the video asserting that she was being blackmailed to record and share their private videos of them and later deleted them.

So after further investigation into the case, it was known that the accused student was being blackmailed by a 31-year-old man from Shimla, named Sunny Mehta.

“If someone is pressuring you, then tell us, we will take action against him”, said these women who confronted her.

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These six women, who confronted her, were the first to report this incident to the hostel warden, called Rajender Kaur, who is now suspended. After that, this matter was disclosed to the hostel manager, Ritu Ranaut, who registered a complaint to the Police.

“The police have now seized the mobile phones of the three accused. Sources say the accused had made calls to some people in Delhi and Mumbai.”

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