Change Car Colour With A Button: BMWs Newest Amuse

BMW is building technology that can help you to change car colour with a button.

On January 5 BMW launched BMW iX Flow, a concept vehicle that will use electrophoretic technology for changing car colour from black to white. You can also choose a combination of black and white like a kaleidoscope for the surface of the car.

The engine and design of new BMW iX Flow comes from BMW iX SUV.

New BMW iX Flow
BMW iX Flow

Christoph Grote, senior VP of Electronics at BMW Group was at the launch of new concept car. He said, “The car dresses you, it expresses you not just from the inside but from the outside. So we have tried to create a technology and adapted it to the car that allows you to do that.” He expressed that ability of a car to change its colour from dark to light under hot temperatures will improve the efficiency of the engine and will also regulate the temperature inside the car.

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BMW has partnered with E-Link to develop the technology. E-Link has helped Amazon to develop Kindle e-reader in the past. It also helps the brands in making commercial displays.

The concept vehicle is covered with a wrapper that is developed by E-Link to change car colour. The wrapper contains colour pigments that impart colour when they get stimulation from electric signals.

The challenge that R&D Team at BMW faced was to shape the wrapper. It is very difficult to shape the wrapper so that it exactly fits the car. You have to consider curves and cuts that are integral part of car design.

Company has not given a date for commercial production of iX Flow but it is important part of an important project. BMW wants to develop human centric products that can stimulate our senses.

BMW is planning to invest 34 billion dollars on developing future oriented technologies by 2025.

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