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The Journey From a Chawl To Cancer Research Center, This Story Will Inspire You To The Core

It requires a lot of patience and strong will to survive in such unfavorable conditions and still achieve something that’s commendable and inspiring.

The initial rough phase

The story of Dr. Rekha is the perfect portrayal of dedication and strength. Life wasn’t easy for her while growing up in a tiny chawl of Mumbai with her parents and five siblings cramped into a small room which had no fan, no toilet, and just one-bed. The bathrooms were located outside and the entire chawl had just one refrigerator. With all the struggles of poverty and shortage, her life literally was bricks and shits.


However, this underprivileged life did not stop her from flying high and explore bigger horizons. The entire credit for Dr. Rekha’s sheer zeal and perseverance goes to her uneducated but immensely supportive mother. Despite the lack of resources, she tried to provide the best for her children.

Childhood memories and struggle

Rekha often recalls her childhood memories to be mostly unpleasant. The only light in her otherwise hopeless life was her love of books. In absence of peace in a crowded room, she would do her homework under the bed. Her mother admired her passion and always said that she would become a doctor.

Dr. Rekha cancer research scientist

With uncountable sleepless nights and a lot of hard work, she managed to score 63% in her board exams. It rejoiced everyone as it used to be a huge deal back then. With this success, she became the first one from her family to ever go to a college.

That second-hand purple frock

A smile brightens Dr. Rekha’s face, while she talks about her first day of college and the incident that strengthened the bond between the mother and the daughter more than ever before. Her parents went to drop her off at the college and that’s when something memorable happened. She recalls wearing a second-hand purple frock which her father did not like.

Rekha felt embarrassed. Her confidence shattered. But as always, her mother stepped in for support.

She convinced her husband that their daughter was the first one to go to a college and it was up to her how she likes to dress up. In that moment, something changed inside of her. She felt stronger and rejuvenated with confidence. And ever since her mother had been the strong pillar she could rely upon.

Dr. Rekha cancer research scientist

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When health and dreams clashed

Everything was working out fine in college until came a phase which brought hurdles on her path to success.

During the last year of her college, Dr. Rekha fell severely ill and was advised by doctors to miss the final exams. But, how could she? It was her entire life’s work, her mother’s dream. She decided to appear for her exams. Sadly, she didn’t make it and it devastated her to the core.

Her inspiration continued to support her

Rekha’s mother never lost hope even in the face of failure. She comforted her and asked her if she did her best. Rekha’s YES made all the difference to her. She patted her back lovingly and said: that’s all that is needed.

With this instilled motivation and enthusiasm by her mother, she began preparing again with all the fervor.

This phase was not the most pleasant time of her life. She recalls spending most of her nights studying under the street lights, so she didn’t disturb anyone’s sleep. Her mother used to give her a bottle of cold water so that she could keep herself awake during those humid nights. It required a lot of grit and persistence, which Rekha had in abundance.

And then emerged the light

The following year, she appeared for her exams and this time she nailed it. She further studied advanced chemistry and then went on to become a prominent scientist in the field of cancer.

Rekha knew that now it was time for her to return the love and support her mother had showered upon her. After her father passed away, they decided to move out from the chawl. After a long life of struggles, Rekha had finally, got the chance to be an ideal daughter her mother had always wanted her to become.

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The time when hard work finally paid off

With hard work and sheer dedication, Dr. Rekha achieved what was quite challenging to accomplish with her set of problems. She was awarded an honorary doctorate for her endeavors and her mother couldn’t be prouder.

Dr. Rekha cancer research scientist being awarded

According to Dr. Rekha, her mother never attends any functions, but she gladly attended this one. She even wore flowers in her hair and asked for a lipstick. The simplicity of their lives overwhelmed Rekha and the mother-daughter duo was all teary-eyed during the award function.

Dr. Rekha truly believes that the two rules that her mother taught her when she was a kid, were the strongest anchors. She whole-heartedly followed them. One was, family comes first and second, if you put good out in the world, it’ll come back to you ten times.

In conclusion:

Dr. Rekha’s hard work and pure intentions to make her familial state stronger have done right by her. Now, she is a renowned scientist in the cancer research department. She spoils her mother and cares for her like she always wanted to.

This story is a moving example of vigor, passion, and endurance. If you put your mind, heart and, soul into something, nothing in the world can stop you from achieving it. And it’s never too late or too difficult to start. All you need is your drive to thrive.

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