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Check Eligibility And Charges To Get BH Series Number Plate

Planning To Get A BH Number Plate?

If you are planning to get a BH series number plate, then you come to read the right article. The government of India has now started offering the new BH series number plates to customers nationwide. BH stands as a code for the new number plate series called Bharat Series. This new facility will provide a quick benefit to the vehicle owners who have to travel frequently to different cities.

Well, we can say that this process was crucially needed. According to Section 47 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 the owners have to keep their vehicles in parent states only, i.e for where the vehicle is registered. They cannot keep their vehicles in any other state for more than 12 months. To follow these rules, owners were needed to re-register their vehicles to keep them in other states. Now, with BH number plates the owners don’t need to acquire the NOC from the parent state to re-register their vehicles.

Planning To Get a BH Number Plate?

Who Is Eligible For BH Number Plate?

  • BH number plate issuance is currently restricted to only the consumer who is working in the defence sector, for state government & central government.
  • Only the bonafide citizens of India can register for the BH series Number Plate.
  • Consumers working for the MNC that has its presence over four or more states can apply for the BH number plates.

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What Is The Application Cost Of BH Number Plates?

The application cost of the BH series number plate is divided into three different segments based on the cost of the vehicles:

  • If the vehicle price is below Rs.10 lakh for the BH number plate, then the applicant has to pay 8 per cent of the total cost of the vehicle.
  • Applicants have to pay 10 per cent of the vehicle price if the cost of their owned vehicle is placed between Rs.10-20 Lakhs.
  • If the vehicle price gets over Rs.20 lakhs, then the applicants have to pay 12 per cent of the vehicle price.

Benefits Of BH Number Plate

  • BH plate is valid in all the states of India and allows you to drive hassle-free with ownership benefits.
  • If the owner wants to settle in a new state then he is liable to re-register his vehicle.
  • The application process for the BH number plate is completely online, no complex paperwork is required.

BH Number Plate Pattern

BH Series Number Plate Pattern

Let’s take an example to understand the pattern of BH series number plate:

If ‘22 BH 5555 AA’ is written on your number plate then, it means the vehicle is registered in 2022. ‘BH’ denotes Bharat, ‘5555’ is the registration number and ‘AA’ stands for the vehicle category.

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