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A Perfect Click of Milky Way: 12 years; 1250 Hours of Exposures

A Finnish photographer named Metsavainio has done a great job in the magnificent show of talent. He has created a 1.7 gigapixel panoramic image of the Milky Way. This took him about 12 years to click. The Milky Way image contains 20 million stars that exist in the Milky Way.

JP Metsavainio is an astrophotographer by profession and started working on the herculean project in the year 2009. He focuses on different galaxy parts and clicked the photo of it. Then, all the images stitched together and created a complete mosaic. This image is 100, 000 pixels in width that is comprised of 234 different mosaic panels.

Metsavainio Blog

The reason this photo took so long is due to its massive proportions and size. The project also took so much time because I have shot many of the mosaic frames as individual compositions and then published them as independent artworks” said Metsavainio.

Speaking to Petapixel, Metsavainio said that this is the first time in history when such a detailed, complete, and deep photo of the universe is presented. Besides this, another reason is “I think this is the first image ever showing the Milky Way in this resolution and depth at all three color channels”.

The final image of the Milky Way spans 125 degrees of the sky and featuring the California Nebula (discovered in 1884 by EE Barnard), the Cave Nebula, and stretches from Taurus to Cygnus.

Check all the photos here:






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