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This Scientist Gave Birth To A Chicken From A Broken Egg

“If you don’t run fast, you’ll be left behind in the race and will be like a ‘Broken Anda’”- Veeru Shaharstrabuddhi.

breaking egg
According to the most intelligent man from the movie 3 Idiots, broken anda’s are useless. And we all tend to agree on the fact that once the eggshell is broken, it’s of no use unless you have a hot pan under it. But, hey the world is changing as we speak and every new day brings new possibilities.

And this time, it is the innovative technology which allows a shell-less egg to hatch.

Shell-less egg hatch

For those of you who think it’s bullshit and let’s eat it off the kitchen counter (you guys are really gross BTW!!), there is a video that shows the entire process. And oh, just so you know, it merely takes 21 days for the egg to hatch and develop into a baby chicken.

Just remember to keep your paws off until then.

What’s the science behind this sorcery?

Shell-less egg hatch

Well, there ain’t any magic or spell involved. It’s just plain basic science. According to the biologists, an egg will hatch anyhow. It really doesn’t matter whether it has a protective shell or not. All that is required is a specific temperature and right conditions.

Shell-less egg hatch

The natural magic will take its course and within a specified period of time, the egg will turn into a fully developed baby chicken.

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The process in detail 

It all begins with, of course, breaking an egg and placing its content in a cup that is covered with a layer of anti-fungal liquid and calcium lactate. This membrane acts as a protective layer to the egg which is otherwise taken care by the eggshell.

Shell less egg hatch

Once it is set inside the protective layer, the contents are placed in an incubator where the temperature can be easily maintained. And voila, after 21 days you get a chicken out of an egg which you were probably gonna throw away had it been on the floor or would have let you cat slurp it away.

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The practical examples that will make you believe

The biologists refer to this process as something similar to the care process for a premature human baby. Just like a premature baby requires extra efforts and care for survival, a broken egg needs the same.

Shell-less egg hatch
Once the egg receives favorable conditions, it allows the growth and development of the life inside of it.

In conclusion:

This is the first time this sort of chicken-growing method has been attempted in China. Although this revolutionary technology was invented around 40 years ago, but people didn’t seem to pay attention to it back then.

Now, with an ever-increasing population, and shortage of food, the need to find the alternative course of action has risen. This formula will prove to be a beneficial source of food for the masses.
And who doesn’t love chickens? Right? Just remember to not count your chickens before they hatch!

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