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Childish Things That We Do As An Adult

No matter how old you grow, there is always a child hidden inside you.

Although this fucking body of mine has grown like a man and that’s why it has become necessary for me to act like an adult, it doesn’t mean I can’t act like a child every once in a while.

I can never forget those old golden days when I was a kid and I bet you agree with that. I still remember I used to start a world war if my sister happened to touch my favorite pencil, or bat or even try to touch anything that belonged to me. Lol.

That’s why here I am, to give you the feeling of nostalgia, with some of the childish things that we still do as adults-

1. Fighting for food

I don’t like noodles but when my sister is eating it, I need to get my equal share. It doesn’t matter if I’m going to finish it or not, but note that, I can fight like a child for it. Really, I do.

2. Buying candies for toys

Seriously, I hate it when my mom gives away my kinder joy and gems toys to kids in my building, saying: “you are a grown man, you don’t need to play with toys.” I can do nothing, but to stay quiet because if she finds out that I waste half of my salary in all this, it is me and maa ki thapki. I bet even God won’t be able to save me then.

3. Making the sound of a sports car

Vroomm… Vroomm… Vrooommm… No matter if you are getting bored inside your car or flying from the runway, you might often find yourself making the same sound. Do you know why? Maybe because the kid inside you knows that sound effects make everything better.

4. Teasing your siblings

No matter how old you get, your way to show love to your sibling will never change. You won’t hug them, even if they are crying. The first thing you are going to do is, tease them and I know it’s going to make things worse. Though I know you don’t do it in order to make them cry, you do it to make them laugh.

5. My BFF is my best friend

Remember school time? When someone tried to make friends with your best friend, and you got so jealous that you did everything to make sure that you never lose your bestie. Well, things haven’t changed a lot, even when you have a grown body now. You still feel jealous when you find out someone is trying to impress your best friend.

6. Finding shapes in clouds

Life is busy and you might not get much time to lay on the ground and watch the clouds. But still, whenever you look at the clouds you will try to figure out what it looks like. A wolf,  a face? It all depends on your wild imagination like it did when you were kids.

7. Running from the basement ghost

I know there is nothing like ghosts but be honest and tell me that you’ve never run on your way coming up from the basement when it is dark and silent. Don’t worry it’s normal, you are just afraid of the basement ghost just like me.

8. Umbrella is equal to Excalibur

Have you watched the movie, Kingsman: Secret Service? Remember the way they used to carry their umbrella? It was so cool man. Also, it proves, when in right hand (man with a child inside him), an umbrella can be a deadly weapon like Excaliber.

9. Using the force like Jedi to open doors

First of all – This trick doesn’t work on every door, so, it is important that the doors are automatic, like the metro door. Simply concentrate your chi and use the force to close the door.

10. Writing names on the steamed or dusty glass window

If you are creative, it’s a blank canvas for you but if you are like me who don’t possess any artistic knowledge simply write your name or do something. I remember I used to draw inverted smilies whenever I was sad.

In Conclusion:

Step on the autumn leaves whenever you see them, it is not really going to help you with your office problems but it will definitely make you happy. So, don’t stop doing these childish things even after becoming an adult.

After all, even me and you are a ‘Taare Zammen Par’, right?
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