Chimpanzee Is Feeding Fishes Just Like A Human, Watch The Viral Video

Chimpanzee Is Feeding Fishes Just Like A Human, Watch The Viral Video

These days every time I see the internet, it is full of amazing, bizarre, cute and adorable video content. Once I start watching them there is no going back, the effects of these videos on my mind cannot be undone. It’s like they hypnotise me and I watch them just like a baby watching cartoons for long hours. Now if we talk about viral videos, the most amusing ones are of cute animals. Well, of course, you too would have seen many cute cats and dog-related videos, like how they trouble their owners. But I assure you this new one has taken over the internet by storm. With time chimpanzees have proven their smartness again and again by behaving very similar to that humans. But this time the act is very smart, and kind and speaks about self-control.

Chimpanzee Is Feeding Fishes Just Like A Human

Viral Video of Adorable Chimpanzee Feeding Fishes

This video was posted by the Twitter account named, ‘Buitengebieden’. In the video, we can see the Chimpanzee sitting near the pond and feeding the fish very calmly.

Watch the Viral video yourself and feel what I felt:

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This video has attracted 1.4 million views and over 64k likes with thousands of amusing comments.

A comment goes as, “I want to feed fish with him. I feel he has much to teach me about life.” another person said, “What a wonderful way to occupy these wonderful animals. So like humans in every way.” a person comments, “It was pleasant to watch.” another said, “Oh yes, the fish are in good hands, there is someone to take care of them.’

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