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China-Backed Pakistan Efforts To Raise Kashmir Issue At UN Security Council Fails Again

Pakistan’s efforts to raise Jammu and Kashmir at UN Security Council on 15th January has crumbled again. In the closed-door UNSC meeting (that China asked for to discuss Kashmir), most of the UNSC members said it was not the place to discuss the Kashmir issue.

Post the meeting, India slamming Pakistan, has advised it to part ways from such cheap tactics and focus on addressing issues like curbing terrorism in the country.

Article 370

“Pakistan’s practice of using false pretences to distract from addressing the malaise that afflicts it, has run its course today,” India’s Permanent Representative to the UN Syed Akbaruddin told NDTV.

This is not the first time Pakistan has asked China to discuss Kashmir at the UNSC. A similar meeting was held in August, which was also called by China post the subrogation of Article 370 in the valley that gave J&K special status.

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Coming out of the meeting, Chinese Ambassador Zhang Jun said: “We had a meeting on Jammu and Kashmir. And I’m sure you all know that Foreign Minister of Pakistan wrote letters to the Security Council asking the Security Council to pay attention to the current situation in Jammu and Kashmir.”

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Meanwhile, India has extended its gratitude towards the representative countries to understand that Kashmir is India and Pakistan’s bilateral issue.

“We once again saw an effort made by one member state of the UN, fail in plain view of all others,” Mr Akbaruddin told news agency PTI.

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“We are happy that neither alarmist scenario painted by the representatives of Pakistan nor any of the baseless allegations made repeatedly by representatives of Pakistan in the UN fora were found to be credible today,” Mr Akbaruddin.

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French diplomatic sources told media that it stand on Kashmir being an internal issue hasn’t changed.

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