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Sources Claim China Won’t Be Blocking Global Terrorist Tag For Masood Azhar

A massive diplomatic victory is en route for Modi government if things go as claimed by sources.

It seems that China has been given a deadline to lift its hold on JeM chief Masood Azhar who was the mastermind behind the 14th Feb Pulwama attacks in India.

Azhar to be finally declared a global terrorist?

Masood Azhar

It very well seems that Pakistan-based JeM chief Masood Azhar is going to be labeled as a global terrorist figure by the UN’s Islamic State and al-Qaeda Sanctions Committee. The only thing that had stopped this from happening was the fact that China had placed a technical hold on the proposal which was sanctioned by the US, the UK, and France, with all other Security Council members.

Now that China is expected to remove the hold, it’s paving the way for global financial sanctions against the banned group. Soon, Masood will be labeled as a global threat and plans will be executed to get rid of this threat once and for all.

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What do the officials say?

UN committee on masood azhar

A senior official was quoted by HT publication where he said, ‘Mayday is going to be the death knell for Masood Azhar, as he will be designated as a global terrorist by the UN’s Islamic State and al-Qaeda Sanctions Committee. With Beijing caving into the global demand led by the US, France, and the UK that the main orchestrator of the Pulwama attack be brought to book.’

He added ‘China is expected to lift the technical hold which it had placed on March 13 on the proposal by the US, the UK, and France, with all other Security Council members approving the move.’

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Time has run out for China

It was suggested that China wanted to proceed and lift the hold around May 15  but the UN Security Council members along with the US made it pretty clear that it has to be on May 1.

Pulwama attacks shook India after it killed 40 army officials. Soon, The US, UK, France settled down to UN’s 1267 Sanctions Committee. This was done in order to declare Azhar as a global terrorist. Tenure of 10 days was given if anyone had an objection to the proposal.

9 days passed by and no one came ahead with the objection. However, when the time came to declare Azhar a global threat, China placed a hold on the proposal saying that they need more time to discuss it. Just so you know, it was the fourth time China blocked Azhar from being declared a global terrorist.

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The reaction of the US and its allies

USA and allies on masood azhar

JeM chief Azhar has been responsible for multiple attacks. 2001 Parliament attack, J &K assembly attacks, series of assaults against security forces in Kashmir and the most recent being Pulwama. Naturally, no one liked the fact that China was somehow saving such a terrorist from being labeled as a global threat.

It was quite obvious that all the nations were infuriated after China’s move to saving Azhar for the 4th time. This was the main reason that the US and its allies circulated a draft. This resolution was to speed up the listing of Azhar among the UN Security Council’s members and to force China’s hand in doing the same.

In Conclusion:

It seems that finally, time has run out for Azhar. And him, along with his terrorist group Jais-e-Mohammad will be eradicated soon. Now that the allies have joined forces, it might be the end of this global threat.

Do you think this time China will stand true to its word? Drop in the comments sections and let us know. 

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