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Chinese Barbarism: Chinese Army Used Nail Studded Rods To Attack Indian Soldiers Replicating A World War Era Warfare

The Chinese aggression on the LAC on the night of 15th June is believed to have crossed all limits. The Dragon’s army switched to barbaric and unprofessional mode and used unconventional weaponry which is not used in modern warfare. As per reports from BBC nail-studded iron rods were used by the Chinese army.

This was a “premeditated and planned action from China that was directly responsible for the resulting violence and casualties” as the Foreign Ministre of India S.Jaishnakar said in his statement. Apart from nail-studded rods, clubs wrapped with barbed wire were also used. Similar weapons were used by the Chinese side in clashes at Pangong lake in April.

During the clashes in April, no causality was reported but Indian soldiers were surprised by the use of such unconventional arms. The use of such barbaric style by China then also caused injury to Indian soldiers. Actually, this kind of weaponry was used during the World War times. Modern-day armies have moved away from the use of such weapons and belive in firepower armed battle.

Since as per 1996 (followed by 2005) agreements between the two countries “neither side shall open fire conduct blast operations or hunt with guns or explosives within two kilometers of the Line of Actual Control“. To show that it is aligned to the agreement the Chinese side used these dirty tactics of unconventional weaponry for the attack which the Indian Army was not aware of.

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The Indian Army officials have termed Chinese action as a ‘savage act’. Taking these dirt tactics into consideration India is now preparing the arm for such attacks in the future. Around 500 lightweight riot gears have been sent from Mumbai to the LAC for the soldiers. This would protect the Indian soldiers from attack by such sharp objects. The Indian forces are also provided with spiked clubs to handle tackle the Chinese.

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The issue of LAC is red hot at the moment. Still, the Chinese army is unmoved from its position. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Modi would chair an all-party meeting today at 5 PM on the matter.

Feature Image: BBC News

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