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Chinese Smart Uniforms For School Going Kids Is The Kind Of Invention India Needs

Technology is changing spontaneously, every-day there is something new in the market. Not just our smartphones but everything around us (mostly) consist of smart technology. Technology that is meant to make our lives a little more convenient.

But did you ever imagine your kid going to school, wearing a smart uniform?

In an attempt to update all the surveillance system, China decided to pay extra attention to the surveillance of their schools and institutes to track students.

What is this Smart Uniform?

Chinese Smart uniforms

With the help of Guizhou Guanyu Technology Co, Chinese government has launched an intelligent (smart) uniform to keep track of their students. Students of more than 10 schools in Guizhou Province and the Guangxi region have started to wear their Chinese smart uniforms.

Real-time location

Chinese Smart uniforms

These Chinese smart uniforms are embedded with the smart chips that can track the location of students, which can be accessed by the teachers, parents and school faculty. Uniform is quite helpful by providing real-time location and the time kid entered or left the school.

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No Bunking guaranteed

Bunking is not an option for students who wear the smart uniform. Changing uniform will also not work, as there is a facial recognization device installed at the entrance of all the school that matches the face of the student with the smart chip that is installed in their uniform.

Chinese Smart uniforms

You must be thinking, tracking students location is a violation of their privacy. But you should always remember they are kids. Kidnapping and several other child-related crimes can be averted by this new technology. By tracking the location students both school and parents can make sure the safety of their kids.

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The smart uniform’s features

Chinese Smart uniforms

Guizhou Guanyu Technology Co, the company who made this piece of smart technology has done quite a good job. All the uniforms are build in a way that they can withstand high temperature such as 150 degrees. Also, they are washable so that it can be reused.

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In Conclusion:

The only concern is that it will make the school sound like a prison. But knowing the fact that it can keep your kids or your students safe, don’t you think, it can be implemented in Indian institutions as well. Not just to track kids but to make sure they reach school and return back home safely.

After all, this is a Chinese technology, it shouldn’t be that costly, right?

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