Chinese Soldiers Indulge In ‘Aggressive Confrontation’ With Indian Soldiers Near Sikkim Border

Even after troubling the world with the deadly virus, the Chinese are not letting things settle. Rather the nation who is now recovering from the pandemic is looking to assert it’s supremacy at the global front. On its border with India the Chinese soldiers were seen indulging in confrontation with the Indian counterparts.

Reports of fist fights and stone-pelting in the Ladakh and North Sikkim regions between the soldiers have come. The confrontation on Ladakh, near the northern banks of the 134-km Pangong Tso lake, took place on the evening of Tuesday that is the 5th of May as per Army Sources.

2/3rd of the region of the lake is under the control of China. As per sources presence of Indians in the disputed area led to the arguments between the two forces leading into the aggression. The stone-pelting and fist fight led to a dozen injuries on the Indian side with damage to the other side as well. The situation in Ladakh was reported to be in control for the time being.

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In Sikkim, the clash happened near Naku La. A patrol party of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China came across the Indian soldiers considering it is Chinese territory. The Indian soldiers stopped them to which the Chinese reacted aggressively. The intense stand-off was later resolved with the intervention of officers at the local Command level. China meanwhile is also aggressively making moves in the South China Sea.

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