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This Person Did An Analyse Of What Chips Packet Has The Most Chips & The Answer Is An Eye Opener

Chips are an inevitable part of our life and does not matter how much we complain about companies filling the chips packets with more air and fewer chips, we aren’t giving upon them. Nevertheless, while most of us have those fixed flavors we like to munch, some, on the other hand, prefer quantity over quality.

So this user really took into his hand to analyse different types of chips and the quantity they sell for the same amount of money so you make an informed choice the next time.

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The user placed all the chips from the three packets onto three different plates and compared them. “An empirical analysis of 10 rs chips packets ft. Lays, Bingo and Haldiram,” the caption read.

The post doesn’t only offers some wisdom but funny replies from users.

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For anyone who is wondering why there is air inside these chips packet than it is nitrogen, which helps in keeping the potato chips from going stale. The gas is less reactive as compared to oxygen, and prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and germs in the packets.

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