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Chocolate Spill In Germany Make Roads Look Like A River Of Chocolate

Hot chocolate spill in Germany will look like your favorite childhood dream come true.

Winter is here. Snow is covering the streets in many countries and cities, except this little town in Germany, where roads are all covered in chocolate.

Yup, you heard it right, chocolate in the street. Though people didn’t like it much and had to call firefighters so that they can clear a delicious load of a hot chocolate mess.

Chocolate covered road? Where?

chocolate spill in Germany

This incident took place in a small German town called Westönnen when firefighters were called for an emergency. As the roads of western Westöbben stood still, a tank carrying chocolate accidentally split inside the DreiMeister chocolate factory.

This hot delicious mess was so hard to control that it flowed all over the street. We all dream about living in a chocolate world, where rivers are filled with chocolate, but when it actually happened, locals didn’t exactly like the hot mess.

According to the reports, the chocolate mess was spread across the area of 108sq-ft. About 25 firefighters were called to clear the situation so that the locals can continue walking on the streets without slipping.

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chocolate spill in Germany

Maybe not the locals, but the firefighters must have enjoyed clearing this mess. I just hope none of them was a diabetic patient.LOL.

By the time firefighters reached the street, the chocolate was frozen into a big brick of milk chocolate that was not easy to clear. They used a shovel, blow torch and hot water to clear off the road. A German newspaper ‘Soester Anzeiger’ covered this delicious news and as expected, it went viral on social media platforms immediately.

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In Conclusion:

Seeing this delicious milk chocolate spread on the road certainly felt very heartwarming but at the same time, it felt a little sad too. As all that chocolate was wasted in the end. People on social media also reacted the same way. They seem to be delighted and sad at the same time.

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Tell us, how you’d feel if you saw this hot chocolate spill in Germany?

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