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If You Are A Chocolate Lover, This Video Will Hurt Your Soul

Who doesn’t love chocolate!

melted chocolate gif

And if you do find someone who doesn’t, you will not mind being truthful on their face.

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But there is something more heartbreaking that happened in Poland. A truck carrying more than 12 tonnes of chocolate overturned and spilled all of it on concrete.

Firefighters were called to remove the chocolate from the roads. Manufacturers said that it can only be removed from the tarmac with warm-pressure water. Cleaners told that even oil stains are easier to clean than smeared chocolate.

Well, definitely something so sweet turned utterly sour for them.

You almost beat your friend to death when he doesn’t give you one piece from his chocolate. Imagine so much of it in front of you. And all you can do is look at it with a broken heart.

Following the tradition,

People in no time took things to twitter. Check out some of the interesting ones.

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