Choose Your Career Wisely: 8 Questions To Ask

A new year is here and it all gives us an opportunity to start something new. If you are bored of your job and looking for a change then you should choose your career path wisely.

People often assume that they should work as per what they have studied at their University. But this should not be the case.

Today the job market is highly influenced by skills of a candidate and you can learn right skills at any age of life.

Before you decide what career you want to pursue you should ask yourself these questions. This will help you to take right decision and not regret later in life.

What are your interests?

You should look into your daily life. Find what you do in your free time and what gives you pleasure. This will help you to decide what kind of job you want to do.

What are my strong skills?

Every job requires a certain group of skills. They can be both technical and non technical skills (soft skills). Soft skills tell a lot about yourself and if you can recognize your strengths you can excel in life.

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Why should I choose a career?

You should identify talents and strengths that you have. Always look for things that you can do uniquely. It provides you an edge and you become an asset of your employer. It helps you to grow with great speed.

What is my personality?

Find whether you are a leader, follower or a teacher. You should also know how you respond when you work with a group. At workplace you need to collaborate and work with people that require certain personality.

What training you need to choose a career?

Apart from your University degree you should know the skills that are in demand. Market keeps changing and employer requires its employees to be well versed with latest technologies and utility tools. Before looking for jobs decide whether you need training. Get training certificates that will also help you with cracking interviews.

What are job opportunities if I choose a career in this?

You should assess whether there are jobs in your areas of interest. People often get training for irrelevant subjects and they don’t find a job easily.

How much money you want to make?

Look into your financial goals and choose a career wisely. If you want to make a lot of money you need to find right roles. Otherwise you will be dissatisfied with your job.

Why do I want to choose a career in this?

You should be aware of your values. If your job does not sits well with your values then you won’t be able to sustain for long period of time and you will get disappointed with your choices.

Always remember that you do not need to let anyone influence you. Take decisions on your own judgement.

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