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Chris Brown’s Sneakers Collection Is So Huge He Can Go Shopping In His Own Wardrobe

Chris Brown has got the CRAZIEST sneakers collection!

Sneakers have become the style symbol of the rap and hip-hop industry. Frankly, not just the hip-hop, but many other fields as well. We have seen Conor McGregor rocking some famous and some old sneakers, Justin Timberlake is also a fan of sneakers.

But today we are going to talk about the most insane sneaker collection that the famous hip-hop artist Chris Brown owns.

Starting from his first wardrobe, out of the two, seems to be bigger than my room. He calls it the baby closet and stores all of his retro shoe collection there.

Here he shows the shoes like old Nike, old Adidas, old vans and the most efficient Yeezy sneakers.

Chris Brown Sneakers Collection Chris Brown Sneakers Collection Chris Brown Sneakers Collection

Other than old classics he also kept the shoes that are gifted by his artist fans while he was on the tours.

Chris Brown Sneakers Collection

He also owns the Supreme X Nike Uptempo and considers Yeezyies as the most efficient shoe.

Chris Brown Sneakers Collection

Chris Brown showing his golden and white LA Gear shoe which he likes, though he wanted it in black and white. Like the one, Michel Jackson had.

Chris Brown Sneakers Collection

If you think this closet is huge then just wait to see the next closest that looks like a shopping mart.

Filled with many t-shirts, jackets and sneakers this closet is even bigger in size than the previous one.

Chris Brown Sneakers Collection Chris Brown Sneakers Collection

He owns one of the largest sneaker collection, and the best part is that he manages to wear them all.

If you see the sneaker collection of any other superstar, you’ll see that they have never worn any of them. But that’s not the case with Chris Brown.

Chris Brown Sneakers Collection

Chris likes to rock all the Jordans, Vans, Bapes, Converse and what not. But still there is one brand that even he doesn’t want to wear and that is Skechers.
Chris Brown Sneakers Collection

After seeing his insanely huge sneaker collection the only question that pops in my head is, how he manages to wear most of his sneakers.

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To answer this CB himself said that even if he is in the house, he changes his shoes at least 3-4 times.

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Chris Brown Sneakers Collection

He wore most of his sneakers, and that’s why they are bound to get weary and damaged.

However, just like everyone else, he doesn’t keep the worn out shoes. Once he gets over a particular sneaker that doesn’t hold any special story he buys a new one to replace it.

Chris Brown Sneakers Collection

For CB his Vans are like Rolex, he says you can’t ever go wrong with a Vans. And because CB has a flat foot, it’s easy for him to wear them.

During his tour in 2017, he wore the Vans every single day.

Chris Brown Sneakers Collection

One of his many shelves is filled with the Allen Iverson shoes. He just got them because Allen Iverson and CB both are from the same hometown.

Also, CB thinks Allen Iverson is the one who made basketball cool.

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Chris Brown Sneakers Collection

Other than the variety of Sneakers, CB owns many luxurious cars. Some of them are painted with graffiti that shows he loves Anime or at least he is a fan of Goku.


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Although his sneaker collection seems nothing less than a combined outlet of a number of brands, he never showed them off on any social media. He likes to stay low key.

Check the full Video here.

Tell us which one you would pick if you get the chance to get one for free?

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