Fun and Learning Christmas Activities to have a Merry Christmas

Festivals are all about enjoying ourselves and there can be many Christmas activities you can indulge in to reconnect with yourself. I would like to call it a ‘Merry Christmas’ because sinking in our gadgets is not how fun is defined in my dictionary.

In this article, we will discuss the Christmas Activities to have a Merry Christmas because it will not only help us connect with ourselves but also send out a very positive message. If you have kids, then there is no way you are not involving them in these activities.

1. Make a Wreath

Make a Wreath- Fun and Learning Christmas Activities to have a Merry Christmas

When I say make a wreath, I mean to do it with your hands. This activity will allow you to spend some time with yourself and the kids, considering you made them do it. When you personalise something for the house and then put it on, as a wreath shall go on the door, it surely refreshes you because you are not sinking into your gadgets.

2. Do a Good Deed

Do a Good Deed- Compliment Someone- Fun and Learning Christmas Activities to have a Merry Christmas

Teach your children the valuable lesson of being a good person by indulging in doing a good deed with them. I suggest you let the kids pick any good thing they would want to do, and make them do it. You can spice it up by making them do one thing a day until Christmas. They can choose to compliment someone or even volunteer because the size of the good deed doesn’t matter. Once the kids know how great it feels to do something good, you can manage to incorporate it into their natural behaviour/

3. Visit a Senior

Visit a Senior- Fun and Learning Christmas Activities to have a Merry Christmas

Nobody likes to be lonely during the festive season and you could make a difference in someone’s life by just showing up. I suggest you visit a possibly lonely senior citizen who could either be related to you or someone who has been living in an old age home. If you are visiting the later one, make sure to call ahead and ask for any kind of precautions you might need to take before the visit. Take your kids with you so that they learn the importance of respecting elders.

4. Attend a Christmas Service

Attend a Christmas Service- Attend a Christmas Mass- Fun and Learning Christmas Activities to have a Merry Christmas

Over time, we are losing touch with our traditions which were made worse by the pandemic 2020. This year, kick away the laziness spreading around and attend a Christmas Mass in your nearest Church with your complete family. Not only just one church, but you can also plan to visit all the nearby churches.

5. Give an Unexpected Gift

Give an Unexpected Gift- Fun and Learning Christmas Activities to have a Merry Christmas

People who are not as privileged as you also deserve to celebrate festivals. If you think you can share the happiness around, then I would highly suggest you get some gifts for people who may not be able to afford them. You can put your help, security guard and every other person who helps you on an everyday basis in this list. It would also be a great way to thank them for their service other than their salary.

6. Volunteer your Time

Volunteer your time- Fun and Learning Christmas Activities to have a Merry Christmas

We ask ourselves to count our blessings and what would be a better thing than increasing their number. Christmas is the perfect time to do it so contribute to good volunteer work and take your whole family with you. This volunteer work should include a donation of your time so please find something related to it. It would be a great reminder for your kids to spread goodness in the world while you can reconnect with yourself and your family.

7. Donate to a Toy Drive

Donate to Toy Drive- Fun and Learning Christmas Activities to have a Merry Christmas

Many NGOs run a Toy Drive where they bring toys to underprivileged kids so that they can also experience the colours of joy. If you know about such a toy drive, then make sure to donate toys to it. You don’t have to go for new ones and all you can do is get rid of the toys from your kids’ playroom which are no longer in use. It will also encourage your kids to learn important lessons like sharing things which are of no use to them.


In this article, we learnt about the Christmas activities that we can do with our whole family which will help us reconnect with ourselves, strengthen our connection with our family, teach our kids important life lessons and help us revisit the values that shape us.

I hope this is a helpful article that helps you decide what you are supposed to do this Christmas with your family. If you found this article interesting, please share it with people around you and also leave your valuable feedback in the comments section below.

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