Video: Citizens Jokingly Attacking The Weatherman With Snow While He Reports Will Make Your Day

A video of a television channel’s weatherman being snowballed while reporting in Kurdistan has left the internet rofling. The video was shot in eastern Kurdistan, which is currently experiencing snowfall.

And where there is snowfall, a snow fight is a compulsion.

Source – News 18

The clip recorded near Sulaymaniyah was shared by a leading media outlet, with the caption: “BOMBARDED: TV weatherman falls victim to a snowball attack while reporting on wintry weather in Iraq.

The reporter in the video continues to film the report while the people in the vicinity playfully hurl snowballs at him. “When you’re a weatherman in #Kurdistan Region, expect the unexpected!” the channel shared the video saying.

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Netizens appreciated the video on the web and snowballed it with comments and likes.

“It’s good to see Iraqis having fun again, ” wrote one user while another wrote, “Considering what we were seeing 15 years ago, throwing snowballs is a sign of major improvement.”

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