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Climate Change Might Cause The Ocean To Change Colour !!

The vast and deep blue serves as one of the most common inspirations for great artists. Probably, because of the deep blue color it reflects. The ocean emits calmness and relaxing vibes but what everyone loves more than anything is its color, isn’t it?

What if I tell you that Ocean will soon start looking even bluer?

Though, it not going to be due to a magical transformation, it would be a result of climate change. Global warming has made oceans grow warmer and warmer. In a recent study on Ocean, it was found that soon there will be color changes in some parts of the ocean.

Within a span of 10-20 years, the effects on global warming would be clear and it will make the ocean look a deeper shade of blue. But the question is – ‘water is colorless’, then what’s really going on? How is it possible for water to change color?

The reason that will cause the colour change of the Ocean

Climate Change effects on ocean

It’s not actually ocean that’s changing the color, it’s the life living inside the big blue. As the ocean becomes warmer, it will decrease the population of tiny living organisms, marine phytoplankton. Which is certainly not going to be good for anyone. Both the marine life and the surface dwellers will get affected by this climate change effects on the ocean.

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The science behind color change is simple though. The water molecules absorb all sunlight, except the blue color of the spectrum. That reflects back to our eyes and gives Ocean its deep blue color.

On the other hand, the phytoplankton contains green color pigment (chlorophyll) in their body. Knowing that these tiny living organisms are present in abundance, a decrease in their population will make the Ocean look even bluer. The color change of the big blue will be steady but this is not the only climate change effects on Ocean.

What are the other effects?

Climate Change effects on ocean

Furthermore, a decrease in the population of these tiny organisms will cause disbalance the underwater food chain. The outcome will cause a decrease in the population of other fishes as well.

These marine organisms (phytoplankton) also absorb carbon-di-oxide, just like plants on the land surface. The effect of their falling population will be visible on land as well.

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The decreasing population of these creatures will worsen the effects of global warming.

In Conclusion:

In search of a better world and advanced technology, we have forgotten to take care of our environment. Everyone is already suffering from global warming. A couple of months back, Chicago witnessed -30-degree temperature due to the leak in Polar Vortex.

This year it was more severe that created intense cold weather in various parts of America. This leak was also caused due to the intense climate change. It’s not just about an artist who will lose their biggest inspiration but the effects of climate change are going to affect everyone.

I don’t know if I can make any change alone or not. But it will be very helpful if you try to cause less pollution and waste.

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