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This Study Proves You Don’t Like Your Coffee Or Beer For It’s Taste, Reason Is Something Else

Some people like to start their day with a cup of freshly brewed coffee, while others like the taste of beer no matter what time of day it is. Well, it’s not actually the taste that makes it your favourite drink.

But the real answer might be the feeling that you get after taking a sip of your favourite drink (coffee or beer). So if you think you like espresso just because of its rich coffee flavour than you are completely wrong. You like it because it makes you feel fresh and energetic. According to research, the taste has nothing to do with it.

Hear what researchers have to say

Coffee Study

In a genome-based study, researchers tried to look for stimulation in the taste genes that could explain why someone prefers a specific drink (coffee or beer). And to understand if these choice makes any difference in someone’s diet.

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The results might question your own theory that you like your coffee or beer for its taste. As the outcomes of the study suggest that preference of the bitter or sweet drink is not made on how it tastes. Instead of taste genes, researchers found our choice is more derived by the genes that are related to the psychoactive properties of these beverages.

Explaining the outcome, Assistant Professor at Northwestern University Feinberg’s School of Medicine, Marilyn Cornelis said, “People like the way coffee and alcohol make them feel. That’s why they drink it. It’s not the taste.”

That explains everything!

But how did they concluded their results?

Coffee Study

The study was published in the journal Human Molecular Genetics. For the purpose of the study, the beverages were categorised into a bitter-tasting group and a sweet-tasting group.

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Coffee and beer come under the bitter category along with other drinks such as tea, grapefruit juice, red wine and liquor. After that researchers invited about 336,000 individuals and asked them to fill a questionnaire.

It was filled with the questions that help researchers to understand what they ate and drank over the past 24 hours. Results helped the researcher to conclude their study. It highlights important behaviour-reward to beverage choice. Not just this but it also helps to understand the link between genetics and beverage consumption. Ultimately helping to find the potential obstacles to occurring in people’s diets.

You might not be fully convinced, but it is the most comprehensive genome-wide association study to date. You can call it reliable.

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