Collecting “Phuss” Crackers The Morning Next To Diwali Was A Job In Hand For Every 90s Kid

After all the fun-ivities through the Diwali night, it’s 6 am in the morning and team, we have a job in hand. And out of all the jobs, this is the most gruelling and important one.

For this job, you need an eye as sharp as an eagle and reflexes of a snake and apke pass 70 minture bhi nhi hai. 

Wondering what the job is? 

Well, it has to be collecting the “phuus” firecrackers from the last night that we could take out baaroodd (gunpowder) from, and collectively burn it to witness a bomb-like explosion.

While modern children may not find it enticing, however, as a kid from the 90s, finding the unburst crackers was an ultimate victory to me.

Although today, when age is evident on my face, seeing the little kids inadvertently trace our footsteps leave a smile on my face. It helps me take a trip down the memory lane and recall days when finding happiness wasn’t in buying the most expensive clothing or possessing the trendiest phone.


I remember how me and my friends would fight to claim the ownership of unburst crackers and then mutually decide to literally make a bomb out of it, which isn’t possible today, as we have parted ways from the concept of bursting crackers for obvious reasons.

Today it might not be the fondest memory to me but is surely the one I would invariably keep and would like to tell stories about.

As said, guzre hue pal wapas nahi aate, I dread if the future generation would ever be able to relate to this post.

Nevertheless, the fact that we had our share of fun and they would have theirs keep me excited about the concept of life and evolution altogether.

Happy Diwali Peeps!!! 

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