Combine ChatGPT and Your WhatsApp Account With These Steps

ChatGPT has taken over the content world. All the AI writing tools are now looking fake in front of it. This Chatbot provides answers to every asked question with perfect intent and top-tier quality. Now it’s a priority to go to tools among every content creator working in different industries and sectors. Furthermore, its ability to integrate with WhatsApp has taken it to the next level. So, if you want quicker access to ChatGPT, here’s the way to do it.

Combine ChatGPT and Your WhatsApp Account With These Steps

Combining ChatGPT With Your WhatsApp Account

Before you proceed further please note that there is no official way to integrate ChatGPT with a WhatsApp account. There are only two manageable ways to try.

The first way is to make a WhatsApp Chatbot and sync it with ChatGPT. And the second way is to use a python script to integrate your WhatsApp number and launch ChatGPT side by side. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Creating a WhatsApp Chat Bot to Integrate With ChatGPT

“First step involves building a WhatsApp bot. To do so, register the WhatsApp Business Programming interface (API) and create a flow for the chat. Then use a chat developer>follow your chatbot and put the API chatbot on your phone,” mentioned livemint.

For the second step, “get an OpenAI API. For this, make an OpenAI account and visit its programming interface key page. Here, create a secret key.”

As for the third step, “utilise OpenAI API to connect to the WhatsApp bot you created. Do note that there are chances that WhatsApp may end up blocking you if it did not find the integration genuine. So this step must be done at your risk”, livemint concluded the process.

2. Integrating WhatsApp Account With GitHub code

This method to integrate WhatsApp with ChatGPT was created by a researcher named Daniel. First, go to GitHub> Execute in the terminal> then follow the steps to complete the integration process.

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Here’re the complete steps:

  • First, get this link and download the GitHub code.
  • Now click ‘download zip’ to download the file.
  • Next, execute the ‘Whatsapp-gpt-principal’ file in the terminal.
  • Now, also execute the ‘’ record the same way.
  • Enter ‘Is‘ and press enter.
  • Also, enter ‘python’, now your phone will be configured for ChatGPT automatically.
  • Verify that you are a human and proceed further.
  • To check, open your WhatsApp and you will find ChatGPT integrated.

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