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17 Everyday Lies Posted on Social Media by Each One of Us

Social Media can be frightening. Scrolling through pages and pages of perfect pictures, happy relationships, exotic vacations and adventurous lives of friends and relatives can make your life feel empty and dull.

This can also make you spread lies about having a good time even if in truth, you are not. And then there is this whole other agenda of getting maximum likes and comments on your feed.

Beware though, sometimes you can be called out for your lying on social media.

These are the most common lies you will find on your social media feed by your own friends and acquaintances:

1. Fake beautified pictures


With ample of apps beautifying your real image, who’s to stop you from using it and feeling good about yourself. Do it if it makes you happy, but to score a with date someone who hasn’t seen you in real life is a lie.

2. Lying about your age


This is the commonest of all lies told by us.

3. Lying about buying a brand-new car or a diamond ring


The competition to look cool and rich is so viral, everyone wants a share of it. Even if you have to lie to make people believe.

4. Exaggeration about illness


I do not understand the need to gain sympathy likes when people exaggerate their illness on social media.

5. Lying about your job and position


Lying about your job and position can get you admirations and that is something everyone craves for.

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6. Lying about relationships


Even if you are fighting with your partner, it is never visible on the social platform. We all want to make others believe that we are leading a perfect life one can think of.

7. Lying about Physical fitness and weight loss

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The reason could be anything from impressing friends to boasting about your new fitness regime. We wouldn’t leave any stone unturned in making people believe that we are miracle workers who manage a beautiful body along with managing different parts of our life.

8. Lying about eating healthy

Again, you may be eating a pizza sitting on your couch, watching Big boss, but a pic of vegetable smoothie is the one that goes on the FB page and not the pizza.

9. Lying about what you look like right now

It is a trend to click an instant selfie of what you are doing right now and believe me we all brush our hair and apply a little makeup before clicking that instantaneous selfie.

10. Posting something you didn’t mean to post, but that is just an excuse


You posted some sexy pic of yours and when you start getting likes, you act all surprised like you didn’t even know it got posted on the social media as if magically.

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11. Posting about how hard you are studying

Showing off to your family and relatives, how sincere you are with your studies. Little do they know, you are up to all kinds of mischief behind the scenes.

12. Lying about running or cycling millions of miles in the morning


Like fitness freaks posing for the camera in the gym, pics that you ran 10 kms or cycled a hundred kms this morning are plain white lies. Where do you even get that kind of energy after hard labour and you look so fresh? How?

13. Posting about the fake-hiking in the mountains


Never even been to the mountains before, yet you post selfies as if it the easiest thing you have done in your entire life.

14. Posting happy pics of a friend’s get together which went sour


The dinner was spoilt by your fight and you aren’t even talking now, but you post pics as if it was the most memorable night of your life.

15. Lying about partying somewhere when you are actually at home getting bored, alone.


Teenagers are more prone to such lying. Trying to impress your friends by showing off that you partied the whole night, while actually, you were babysitting your little sister while mom-dad were out.

16. Lying about loving something you secretly despise, because it’s trending


You hate a particular haircut or a brand of clothing, but just cuz its trending and everyone is talking about it you pretend as if it is the best thing you ever saw.

17. Lying about having a perfect life, a perfect spouse, a perfect house, a perfect kid and a perfect everything


If everything is so perfect in your life, why are you spending your time on social media boasting about it instead of living and enjoying that perfect life of yours? Well, that because it ain’t true or entirely true.

Tell us if you have come across any other lies by your friends and acquaintances on social media and caught them red-handed.


I am a hip-hop music lover and I am passionate about writing rhymes. I prefer listening to music over movies any day. I do possess expert knowledge on content & influencer marketing and have helped some popular brands. I spend me time with memes (reading and creating both).

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