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Complete Guide To Dating A Workaholic And Having A Happy Relationship

You love them. They love their work. Dating a workaholic can be hard, right?

It’s a very common phenomenon as this happens with several people across the globe where one partner always remains super busy. In simple words, your significant half is way too dedicated to his or her work.

But does that mean, you should leave them? No, of course not. I mean, if someone is really hard working and loves spending time at work or working even when they are at home, it doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve love, right?

Dating a workaholic

You already know that the life of a workaholic is super busy. Even when they are home, they actually aren’t. They keep checking emails and taking multiple calls, or remain buried in their laptop screens. To say the least, they are physically there but their mind and soul are all too engaged in their jobs.

A few of the hiccups that people face when dating a workaholic-
  • Romance is an occasional affair
  • Communication gap
  • Irritation and getting pissed off
  • No mental peace
  • Fights and/or break-ups

But there are simple and easy ways by which you can easily tackle all these issues and still be happy while dating a workaholic.

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How to date a workaholic easily?

dating a workaholic

To begin with, you should start by respecting the person’s choices and giving them space. This will ensure that both of you don’t irritate or hurt each other with unrealistic expectations. It might be hard in the beginning but once you try and understand the psyche of your other half, you will fall in love with their dedication and zeal.

After all, just like a relationship, work also requires a lot of time, effort and dedication. Without having these traits, no one really succeeds in life. However, when it comes to a workaholic, they just fail to balance their work and personal lives. Which is why mostly they end up being the annoying one in a relationship.

Workaholics are good at heart but they dedicate and walk extra miles for their work, which doesn’t leave them with enough time that they can use on you.

Simple tips for dating a workaholic

If you follow these simple tips while dating a workaholic, most of your worries and troubles will vanish on itself. The best part is that you don’t need to bug your partner for following these things. You just need to make a few changes in the way you handle your relationship.

1. Plan quality time, don’t rush after quantity time

dating a workaholic

One of the most important thing while dating a workaholic is not pushing your other half to spend time with you. If you already know that he/she works really hard and spends most of the time glued to the screen, don’t bug them. Let them be and get free on their own without your constant nagging.

Instead, plan some quality time. Choose a day in the week and plan some quality time. It shouldn’t necessarily be a fancy dinner at a restaurant. It can very well be just you two on the couch watching Netflix, while you eat packed food.

It’s all about the time that you spend with each other. The time that you really enjoy each other. Chase the quality time, not the quantity time.

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2. Appreciate the passion of your other half towards work

dating a workaholic

Ok, I know it might be hard at first to appreciate something that you absolutely hate about a workaholic. But here’s the thing. If you ever really want to be close to someone, you have to understand the love they have for someone. In the case of a workaholic, its work.

You shouldn’t judge them for that. Try and appreciate his/her passion for work. If you start doing this, they will understand that you have the idea of how important work is for them. You need to understand that they are doing this for you because they want a good life ahead.

Sending such positive vibes accompanied by the appreciation will surely spice things up between you.

3. Put away phones when you are together, at least

dating a workaholic

No matter if you get just an hour in the entire day that you spend together, try utilizing each and every second of it. When you are with your workaholic partner, ask them to keep their phone away when they are talking to you. After a while make it a habit.

Your partner may face difficulties in keeping the phone away at first but when you convince them lovingly and ask them to be away from the phone when they are finally free, they will listen. Also, by the time you try doing this, you will already have shown your appreciation towards their work.

This will ensure that they will comply and listen to you when you are together.

4. Talk to them in a way that they understand

dating a workaholic

In order to make a workaholic understand your views, you can’t use the regular language. If you are aware of your partner’s profession, try and see what kind of language he uses to talk while working. You will get a lot of help if you understand the language he really understands.

For example, if he doesn’t like to hear an emotional tone, don’t cry while you are trying to make a point. Be firm and confident and speak out. Instead of creating a mess that will only end up hurting you, use a smart approach.

On the other hand, if he uses humorous language, use the same when you talk to him. It will make talking easier for you.

5. Try to know their likes and dislikes

dating a workaholic

Trying to know a person requires efforts. But once you start paying attention to the likes and dislikes of a person amazingly gives a lot of information about the kind of person he/she is. It’s not just about food or choice of color.

If you want to be happy when dating a workaholic, try and find out his favorite music, his reaction towards a situation or his preferences when it comes to travel. this will give you a head start in doing things together in the future.

Also, this will help you stay away from unnecessary fights because you already know what they hate.

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6. Plan activities in ahead and inform them

dating a workaholic

So, your partner doesn’t get time for movies or shopping. No worries. Don’t let this stop you from chasing the one you love. Instead of constantly requesting a movie time or dinner, plan a two-day trip. Inform accordingly and stop making unnecessary demands of short meetings.

Make sure that they don’t carry their workload while traveling, and even if they do, give them a chance. You just need to be patient with them. Planning an outing once a month would give you more joy and fun rather than meeting every week for an hour or two.

While choosing the destination, surprise them with something they like.

7. Solve your relationships issues like you would solve hiccups at work

dating a workaholic

How do you solve an issue at work? You certainly don’t fight, do you? You never cry but you somehow solve the given issue, Right? Apply the same approach when dealing with a workaholic. Don’t create a mess with rantings and shrill vocal fights.

Instead, go with a calmer and logical approach. If you want to discuss a problem, present it to them like they are at work. Show them the issue and ask them to figure out a solution and make them believe that they are capable to solve it.

You will see that they will always come up with a solution because you believe in them.

8. React after understanding and listening to their point of view

dating a workaholic

Instead of acting impulsively, hold back your emotions just for some time and hear them out. Most of the times people end up creating chaos just because they have no control over their actions. Stop and listen, this will allow you to understand their point of view.

Once you have listened to whatever your partner has to say, take your time and get back with an answer. This will cut the unnecessary drama and give you a better way to come to an agreement. Always remember, arguments advance if you react without thinking.

Never forget that they are workaholics and logic is something they will always respect.

The key to dating a workaholic

Once you incorporate these tips in your day to day life, you will see your other half with a completely new perspective. In order to have a happy and healthy relationship with a workaholic, you just need to take a different approach from the one you would have taken in any regular relationship.

This isn’t a drawback in any way. So, don’t feel the pressure of having all at once. Try with one tip as you proceed to the next. You will see that your relationship will improve and you will love your workaholic partner even more than you did before. Trust me, it’s worth dating a workaholic.

After all, love is blind. But even blind people can read, can’t they? So, why can’t you date a workaholic and happy? All you need to do is TRY!!

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