A Complete Guide to Find Weekend Jobs, Different Roles, and Salaries

Finding a way to boost your income? The best way is to utilize the idle weekends and turn them into money-earning opportunities. Finding a second income source is the best option if you are stuck with the same salary in your first job and are unable to switch. Of course, the pay scale will depend upon the nature of the work, your experience, skills, and knowledge. But it will be worth it to add your extra income with primary cash. 

However, the main question is how to search for them, what roles you can get, and what will be the pay scale. Finding the latest job vacancies in India that you can do on weekends is pretty easy when you know the right ways to search. In this article, we will help you to find the most popular weekend jobs while discussing how much you can earn.

What is a Weekend Job?

A weekend job is a second job for a person to earn an extra income because either their income from the first job cannot bear all the expenses or a person wants to earn extra cash over it. This type of second job can be done on weekends without affecting the first one, which is done on weekdays. 

Many people use this method to boost their income and save extra money in bank accounts. Many weekends or second job options can offer a very stable source of income in comparison to the first job. In almost every scenario the weekend job is available on a contractual basis or a person is hired as a freelancer, who can also work remotely. 

Furthermore, few people with specific skills also do second jobs on weekends for fun. Because they love the work they do. They find joy in working in their spare time and get paid. Many job posting sites offer filters to find these types of jobs like search jobs by location or category. 

How to Find Weekend Jobs? 

  • Decide Your Working Hours 

A weekend job is all about how much time you can spend at work. Think how many hours you can offer to your second job then you can search for the latest job openings in Delhi NCR or any part of India. You will find many jobs at which you will be paid on an hourly basis, as your position is contractual or a freelancer. For instance, if you work at childcare on weekends, then you may want to tell them about how many hours you will be available and want to earn accordingly. 

  • Identify Your Dedication Level 

Beware! It’s not easy to first put all your efforts into your first job all week and then also work on weekends. It takes a lot of dedication to earn a high income this way. You can find many latest job vacancies in India that can offer you a lucrative amount even just to be available on weekends but will demand your focus and commitment. Also, if you are creative and hard-working enough then doing business on weekends can be a very fruitful second job. 

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  • Seek Help From Recruitment Agencies 

There are many recruitment agencies out there helping thousands of people to get a job. These agencies can help you to get any type of job you are looking for. Moreover, you can have the privilege of checking out multiple job options to choose anyone for your weekend if you are eligible. Also, you don’t have to present at these agencies all the time, they operate online also and can get you a job online. 

  • Test Your Networks 

The power of contacts or a network of your known people is a very powerful asset. When words spread out through your friends, family members, or colleagues then there are a high number of chances that you can find the latest job vacancies in India or any part of the country or your city very easily. Use your networks to also search for weekend job openings through social media platforms. If your networks are in any major cities in India then you find numerous job openings. For example, your friends in Delhi can find your various job openings in Delhi NCR. 

  • Create Your Own Job Vacancy 

If you have the right skills and set of mind then you can create your job vacancy for weekends by being self-employed. You can launch a new business or work as a freelancer or search jobs by location to work only in familiar regions. You can have high-paying options like teaching arts and crafts, baking for others, gardening, walking dogs, or being a fitness trainer for select customers. Being exclusive to some people can also get you paid high enough to cover extra expenses. 

A Personal Trainer 

As a personal trainer, you can earn around ₹24000 monthly. You can coach either a group of people in batches or work for individual clients to earn higher. Choose your timings and create your own fitness regime and workout plans for customers. 

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A Freelance Writer 

You can become a freelance content writer and create content for different purposes like websites, social media, stories, news, etc. Freelance content writers get flexible working hours on their terms. Moreover, their average monthly income is around ₹30,000. You can find these types of jobs mostly in metro cities like if you search for the latest job openings in Delhi NCR. 

A Proofreaders 

Earning ₹24,000 monthly as an average income, a proofreader is hired by an organization or an individual if they want content written by a writer to be error-free. You will get earned for pointing out and rectifying the mistakes of another person. You will be checking for grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, wrong punctuation, sentence formations, etc. 

A Tutor 

You need no investment to become a tutor. Just have to be skillful in any of the school or college subjects to teach students. Tutors can earn depending on the number of students they get. They earn around ₹24,000 monthly which is just a figure that can increase or decrease with demand. For a tutor, there are numerous latest job vacancies in India. 

A Dog Walking or Caretaker 

Do you have a thing for dogs? If yes, you can become a dog walker or someone who can take care of them for a few hours until the owner leaves the house. On average, you can earn around ₹15,000 monthly. Your business can rise or tank as per your skills and demand. However, for dog lovers, it’s a dream job with money and lots of fun. You can search for this job by using the search jobs by location filter to work only in your preferred region of the city or state. 


If your first job is not enough to bear all your expenses then it’s time to get some extra cash with the second. Commit and get focused on searching for a second job to do on weekends. This will boost your monthly income by a significant margin. You can start by identifying your skills, needs, and working hours. Then you explore high-paying weekend job options like a content writer, proofreader, personal trainer, tutor, or dog walker. 

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