Complete Guide to Heal Cracked Heels at Home

Our feet take the complete weight of our body and life altogether which is why they get cracked so easily. Most importantly, they are the most neglected area of our body we deprive of the proper care they deserve. Hence, the result is super dry heels with painful cracks leading to utter discomfort in our day to day life.

Complete Guide to Heal Cracked Heels at Home

Causes of cracked heels

Our soft heels turn into these hard cracked heels for multiple reasons and here are the most common reasons:

1. Our heels lack the proper moisture they need to thrive.

2. Discomfort caused by standing too long in poorly fitted shoes.

3. Humidity and heat they live in when we wear close shoes.

4. Harsh chemicals present in the soaps and detergents.

5. Certain medications we are consuming leading to dry skin.

6. Certain medical reasons.

A step-by-step guide for smoother heels at home

1. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is a process of removing dead skin cells from our naturally healthy skin. You can invest in a good foot scrub because the one made for the soft skin of your face won’t do justice to the hard one of your feet. You can even prepare one at home by combining sugar and honey.

2. Feet soak

Warm water helps your body relax by improving your blood flow and it would definitely help your feet to dust off the load they suffer every day. It will also soften your skin which makes it easier to scrub off the dead skin accumulated around your heels. You can pour some vinegar in the warm water which will help your foot away from any bacterias that causes athlete’s foot or bad odour.

3. Foot file or pumice stone

Once you have soaked your feet in warm water for a decent amount of time, it is time to scrub off the dead skin cells. You can use a gentle foot file or a pumice stone to remove the dead skin which will leave them cleaner.

4. Moisturize

Once you have scrubbed off the dry skin around your feet, it is time to give them the proper moisturisation. Use a cream made for the skin of your feet or anyone that you find the best. You should go for the creams which have no fragrance and good moisturising capability.

5. Wear gel-lined socks to bed

Finally, once you are done with your foot care regime, it is time to protect them from further damage. You can wear gel-lined socks to lock in the hydration. If you do not wish to invest in such socks, you can go for cotton socks to keep your feet protected in a breathable fabric.


In this article, we learnt about the complete guide to heal cracked heels at home and discover the soft and smooth heels hidden under those dry cracks. I hope you will achieve the desired results as soon as possible but remember to stay patient if you have extremely bad cracked heels. You can even consider talking to a doctor if you have severely damaged heels.

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