Complete List Of Vande Bharat Trains In India With Routes And Time Table

With its first trip from Delhi to Varanasi in 2019, the Vande Bharat Express has grown in popularity and is now a favoured way to travel throughout India.

Known for being faster and offering better facilities than regular trains, it shortens travel times while also improving the entire experience for passengers with features like WiFi, 32-inch entertainment displays, large glass windows, and more.

These trains are a major achievement in the country’s rail system and were produced locally. These are automated, high-speed vehicles planned to provide passengers with a convenient and enjoyable ride. Modern facilities abound on the Vande Bharat Express, which displays efficiency and modernity in rail travel. Now let’s look at a list of every Vande Bharat Express train that runs in India.

List of Vande Bharat Train Routes in India

S.NoTrain No.RouteFrequencyDistance (km)DurationCommencement Date
122436/22435New Delhi to Varanasi JunctionRuns daily, except Thursday7598 hoursFebruary 15, 2019
222439/22440New Delhi to Shri Mata Vaishno Devi KatraRuns daily, except Tuesday6558 hoursOctober 3, 2019
320901/20902Mumbai Central to Gandhinagar CapitalRuns daily, except Wednesday5226 hours 25 minutesSeptember 30, 2022
422447/22448New Delhi to Amb AndauraRuns daily, except Friday4125 hours 15 minutesOctober 13, 2022
520607/20608MGR Chennai Central to Mysore JunctionRuns daily, except Wednesday4976 hours 30 minutesNovember 11, 2022
620825/20826Bilaspur Junction to Nagpur JunctionRuns daily, except Saturday4125 hours 30 minutesDecember 11, 2022
722301/22302Howrah Junction to New Jalpaiguri JunctionRuns daily, except Wednesday5667 hours 30 minutesDecember 30, 2022
820833/20834Visakhapatnam Junction to Secunderabad JunctionRuns daily, except Sunday6988 hours 30 minutesJanuary 15, 2023
922225/22226Mumbai CSMT to SolapurRuns daily, except Wednesday (22225)4546 hours 35 minutesFebruary 10, 2023
1022223/22224Mumbai CSMT to Sainagar ShirdiRuns daily, except Tuesday3415 hours 5 minutesFebruary 10, 2023
1120171/20172Habibganj to Hazrat NizamuddinRuns daily, except Saturday7027 hours 30 minutesApril 1, 2023
1220701/20702Secunderabad Junction to TirupatiRuns daily, except Tuesday6628 hours 15 minutesApril 8, 2023
1320643/20644MGR Chennai Central to Coimbatore JunctionRuns daily, except Wednesday4956 hoursApril 8, 2023
1420977/20978Ajmer Junction to Delhi CantonmentRuns daily, except Wednesday4295 hours 15 minutesApril 12, 2023
1520633/20634Kasaragod to Thiruvananthapuram Central (via Kottayam)Runs daily, except Thursday5868 hours 10 minutesApril 25, 2023
1622895/22896Howrah Junction to PuriRuns daily, except Thursday5006 hours 25 minutesMay 18, 2023
1722458/22457Dehradun Terminal to Delhi Anand ViharRuns daily, except Wednesday3024 hours 45 minutesMay 25, 2023
1822227/22228New Jalpaiguri Junction to GuwahatiRuns daily, except Tuesday4075 hours 30 minutesMay 29, 2023
1922229/22230Mumbai CSMT to Madgaon JunctionRuns daily, except Friday5817 hours 45 minutesJune 27, 2023
2022349/22350Patna Junction to Ranchi JunctionRuns daily, except Tuesday3796 hoursJune 27, 2023
2120661/20662KSR Bengaluru City Junction to DharwadRuns daily, except Tuesday4956 hours 25 minutesJune 27, 2023
2220173/20174Habibganj to Rewa TerminalRuns daily, except Tuesday5688 hoursJune 27, 2023
2320911/20912Indore Junction to Nagpur JunctionRuns daily, except Sunday6368 hours 20 minutesJune 27, 2023
2412461/12462Jodhpur Junction to Sabarmati JunctionRuns daily, except Tuesday4496 hoursJuly 7, 2023
2522549/22550Gorakhpur Junction to Lucknow CharbaghRuns daily, except Saturday2964 hours 10 minutesJuly 7, 2023
2620979/20980Udaipur City to Jaipur JunctionRuns daily, except Tuesday4256 hours 20 minutesSeptember 24, 2023
2720677/20678MGR Chennai Central to Vijayawada JunctionRuns daily, except Tuesday5146 hours 40 minutesSeptember 24, 2023
2820665/20666Chennai Egmore to Tirunelveli JunctionRuns daily, except Tuesday6507 hours 50 minutesSeptember 24, 2023
2920703/20704Kacheguda to Yesvantpur JunctionRuns daily, except Wednesday6128 hours 15 minutesSeptember 24, 2023
3022348/22347Patna Junction to Howrah JunctionRuns daily, except Wednesday5326 hours 35 minutesSeptember 24, 2023
3120898/20897Ranchi Junction to Howrah JunctionRuns daily, except Tuesday4587 hours 5 minutesSeptember 24, 2023
3220836/20835Puri to Rourkela JunctionRuns daily, except Saturday5067 hours 45 minutesSeptember 24, 2023
3320631/20632Kasaragod to Thiruvananthapuram Central (via Alappuzha)Runs daily, except Mon (20632) and Tue (20631)5748 hours 5 minutesSeptember 24, 2023
3422925/22926Ahmedabad Junction to JamnagarRuns daily, except Wed (22926) and Tue (22925)3314 hours 25 minutesSeptember 24, 2023
3522415/22416Varanasi Junction to New DelhiRuns daily, except Tuesday7598 hours 5 minutesDecember 18, 2023
3622426/22425Delhi Anand Vihar to Ayodhya DhamRuns daily, except Wednesday6288 hours 20 minutesDecember 30, 2023
3722478/22477Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra to New DelhiRuns daily, except Wednesday6558 hoursDecember 30, 2023
3822488/22487Amritsar Junction to Delhi JunctionRuns daily, except Friday4475 hours 30 minutesDecember 30, 2023
3920642/20641Coimbatore Junction to Bangalore CantonmentRuns daily, except Thursday3746 hours 30 minutesDecember 30, 2023
4020646/20645Mangaluru Central to Madgaon JunctionRuns daily, except Thursday3194 hours 35 minutesDecember 30, 2023
4120705/20706Jalna to Mumbai CSMTRuns daily, except Wednesday4357 hours 20 minutesDecember 30, 2023

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